2015 Subaru Outback usually takes on the TFL Cliffhanger: Top Off-Street Overview

2015 Subaru Outback usually takes on the TFL Cliffhanger: Top Off-Street Overview

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Subaru Outback is a single of the most off-highway deserving crossovers that you can buy right now. But how how does it do in real environment screening? Introducing the TFL Cliffhanger. The Top take a look at of a car’s traction, ground clearance, tires and off-highway capacity.

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  1. xamesm
    xamesm 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    oh ffs just switch off traction control

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  2. arjun mahesh
    arjun mahesh 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    too bad they compared with a raptor which is a hard core offroader, to set a bench mark and the out back a station wagon.UNFAIR

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  3. Chad Maz
    Chad Maz 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    You don't tell us which motor your test vehicle has in the description.

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  4. designdooAU
    designdooAU 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    This test is not fair,Subaru is an urban four-wheel-drive cars.

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  5. Jef Horians
    Jef Horians 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    My 1999 Subaru Forester S-Turbo with winter tires could do this easy.

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  6. Pajer10 Clicks
    Pajer10 Clicks 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    go try camp road in either, both would look the same

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  7. Juan Carlos Gonzalez
    Juan Carlos Gonzalez 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    la fors es mala la subaru as mejor

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  8. Tickle Fingers
    Tickle Fingers 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    These guys are idiots. Our 2002 4runner would come to a complete halt with traction control on going up that trail. As soon as the 4runner detected any wheel spin it would have cut throttle back so far it would only be idling….. Toyota's traction control is so touchy it is borderline dangerous! Turning off the traction control by locking the center diff and our 4Runner would make that Raptor look like a joke going up that trail. Traction control is useless off road. It's for snow and ice driving on paved roads. Electronic monitored braking for torque distribution is the only thing that is worth a crap in a situation like this.

    After watching these guys review cars, I wonder if they even know the slightest thing about automobiles other than the fact that most automobiles have 4 tires and can go forwards and backwards?

    Seriously….. They could get a tank stuck on flat gravel road in the middle of summer! LOL.

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  9. Konrad C
    Konrad C 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    I climbed a hill like that if not steeper north of LA in a fwd dodge caravan , with one wheel traction… The only other cars going up were xterras and jeep xjs, this subaru is a joke. A old 1996 outback would make it no problem

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  10. Nerdy S.
    Nerdy S. 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    What's the point of showing video inside the cabin instead of the car and its wheels spinning and climbing the hill? People don't want to see the driver face. They want to see the overall surrounding of the car and wheels when climbing the hill.

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  11. Adam Reeves
    Adam Reeves 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    For so-called journalists with lots of off-road experience, you'd think they would have tried turning the stability and traction controls off…Then he probably would have gotten the power he needed from that H6. You can hear the engine surging when the traction control is fighting.

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    SUBAPOO 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    "transfers power from the wheels that slip to the wheels that" ROFLMAO" I own a Subaru (check my videos) and they are noisy, overpriced pieces of junk. Oh and the Subaru love they always advertise ends in divorce the second you pay for your vehicle.

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  13. Fred novak
    Fred novak 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    Also "Ravagyi's special" would smoke that Subaru.

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  14. Fred novak
    Fred novak 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    for real off road performance chek out "Truck Trial Praga V3S".
    Unce Lung

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  15. M24A6
    M24A6 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    Not sure I understood that, with the accelerator to the floor and it is that weak? That would a useless vehicle in off road I would think.

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  16. Ben Silva
    Ben Silva 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    Jeremy Clarkson broke that truck……….

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  17. Sadmir Malovcic
    Sadmir Malovcic 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    Cvt is holding it back

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  18. czierwo
    czierwo 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    funny chaps these two. One in T-shirt, another in winter jacket lol. Props for TATRA sticker! :)

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  19. Lukasz Szerlag
    Lukasz Szerlag 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    did you guys ever test the 2016 toyota 4runner limited on that trail. if so could you please send me a link to it. thank you

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  20. Kaibil Balam
    Kaibil Balam 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    A V6 version of the outback may have done the job … perhaps..

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  21. Frank Janko
    Frank Janko 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    Ive got a 2013. These "traction control systems" are designed to keep you from sliding off a snowy road. Not climb up a rocky hill. Turn the electronics off and let the awd figure it out. Ive gone up steeper and more rutted terrain in mine

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  22. Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    @the fast lane car turn off traction control and try again. it won't hardly spin the tires when trac is on and since it is fly by wire throttle you won't get to the torque peak without turning it off.

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  23. Paul Dykstra
    Paul Dykstra 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    Why didn't you turn the traction control systems off? Is there no way to do that?

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  24. GRRB
    GRRB 20 July, 2016, 14:55

    If you intended for this to be in any way a serious test you would have done both cars with the same driver, otherwise the comparison and opinions are useless… So i guess your intention is not testing but rather entertainment, entertainment in a top-gear(read fake) imitation kinda way.

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