600mm 60cm Smeg Electric Wall Oven SFPA309X reviewed by expert – Appliances Online

600mm 60cm Smeg Electric Wall Oven SFPA309X reviewed by expert – Appliances Online

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This oven features Smeg’s classic design, and includes a pyrolytic function for effortless self-cleaning.This oven has been designed to pre-heat quickly, making cooking more convenient.The clean finish on this oven helps to give your kitchen a professional appearance. At the top, we have the control panel, with simple dials for selecting the best oven function for cooking your meal, and for precisely setting your cooking temperature or time with the help of the digital display in the centre. One special setting is the Eco mode, which allows you efficiently cook using less electricity.

Using the timer, you can delay the start of your cooking until a convenient time, or set the oven to
automatically switch itself off after your set cooking time is up. Looking at the door, it has a smooth bar handle and quadruple-glazed glass door, which has been designed to remain cool during cooking for added kitchen safety. Like other Smeg ovens, this model uses Thermoseal technology to keep the heat locked inside, so your meals can cook more efficiently and your kitchen can stay at a comfortable temperature.

Looking inside the oven, you have 79L of cooking capacity to work with. The interior is lined in Ever-Clean enamel, which has been designed to be durable and easy to keep clean. To easily get rid of any food splashes on the interior, without chemicals or scrubbing, the oven’s Pyrolytic mode can blast food residue to ash with a three-hour high-temperature cycle. But if your oven only needs a light clean, the Eco Pyrolytic mode can deliver a 90 minute blast, saving you time and electricity.

And that’s the Smeg pyrolytic electric wall oven, available with a 2 year warranty.

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  1. fung jasper
    fung jasper 25 November, 2021, 15:43

    Works great, and looks fantastic>>>allmy.tips/6945  I was very hesitant to buy because of all the negative reviews and people saying that it didn’t totally work when first installed. I got lucky, or they fixed those issues! Mine was perfect right out of the box. I’m getting ready to sell my house, and it looks soooo pretty. So glad I got it, may get another one at my new house!

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  2. Aravind Patel
    Aravind Patel 25 November, 2021, 15:43

    To reper fronthendel

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