600mm 60cm Westinghouse Electric Wall Oven POR881S Reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

600mm 60cm Westinghouse Electric Wall Oven POR881S Reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

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All BOSS ovens have been designed to be ultra-quiet and emit less external heat for a more comfortable kitchen environment.

This oven has a mark resistant exterior and a stainless steel finish. With its sleek control panel and smooth D shaped door handle, this oven will easily fit in with any kitchen design.

The oven is operated by using the handy control knobs. The left knob controls the oven’s functions, while the right controls its thermostat temperature.

This oven has 9 cooking functions, ranging from a pizza function, which is ideal for foods that require browning on the base, such as pizzas, quiches, meat pies and fruit pies. Simply place the food in the middle of the oven and set the desired temperature.

It also has a defrost function, which can slowly and gently thaw out your meats.

In the middle of the control panel is the display panel, which comes complete with an electronic clock, countdown timer, and a programmable timer.

Let’s take a look inside the oven.

Because this is a pyrolytic oven, you can clean the inside of your oven without the need for harsh chemicals or smelly detergents. Use either of the 2 pyrolytic functions to turn different levels of grease and grime to ash, and then simply wipe the residue away.

You’ll notice that the oven seals are reinforced steel, whereas normal ovens have rubber seals. This is because pyrolytic ovens go up to extremely high temperatures when using the pyrolytic functions.

The door itself is made of one piece glass, so it’s smooth and easy to wipe clean. The glass is also quadruple glazed, which helps keep the heat inside the oven so it stays cooler on the outside.

The interior is smooth enamel with no rough edges, so it’s easy to keep clean by simply wiping down with a damp cloth.
This oven’s versatile accessories include an anti-splatter grill insert and 2 grill inserts.

The oven itself needs to be hardwired so you will need a technician to do that. It is 3.1 kilowatts for your electrician, so do make sure you get the professionals to do the installation for you.

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