Acer Aspire One Cloudbook Review – $189 Low Cost Windows 10 Laptop Notebook PC

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook Review – $189 Low Cost Windows 10 Laptop Notebook PC

Buy this reviewed item at my store for a discount! Acer has a new sub $200 Windows computer running with the latest Intel “Braswell” Celeron chipset.

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00:02 – Hardware overview
01:40 – Ports
02:04 – SD Card reader and how far the card sticks out
02:42 – Trackpad and keyboard overview
04:16 – Web browsing performance
05:07 – YouTube performance
05:53 – Octane web benchmark
06:51 – Microsoft Word Performance
07:32 – Minecraft and Gaming
09:20 – Kodi and Blu Ray MKV playback
09:57 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Surprisingly the bump to Braswell technology does not result in an increase in speed. On CPU intensive tasks the Braswell Celeron N3050 performs about the same as the Celeron chip in last year’s Acer Aspire E 11.

Everything performs as one might expect from a PC at this price point with the exception of Minecraft. For some reason Minecraft performance was pretty lousy, far worse than even older and somewhat less powerful Atom based laptops. I suspect there’s some driver issues to work out.

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  1. Maddy Jay Willow Oats
    Maddy Jay Willow Oats 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Can you install office365 student subscription for desktop on a cloudbook?

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  2. mish1
    mish1 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    tfw a $189 laptop is thicker than your 676.36$ laptop

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  3. A A
    A A 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    makes a good gift

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  4. Devin
    Devin 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    I used to have this, it broke because of a game my friend wanted me to downloaded and it had a virus because we didn't know. Now I have a crappy toshiba Windows 7 satellite. I hate my PC now.

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  5. Pepe Mujica
    Pepe Mujica 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    I bought this

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  6. Surina Rhodes
    Surina Rhodes 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    I have one of these it runs fallout 3 on medium

    Reply this comment
  7. Ridge Billig
    Ridge Billig 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    what about mine craft windows 10 edition from the windows store

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  8. TheArcticGamer59
    TheArcticGamer59 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Does it have a fan or is it fanless. Need to know before I purchace. Thank you to everyone who replays to my comment. 😀

    Reply this comment
  9. Sangrino
    Sangrino 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    If you stop moving so fast, then it does ok. (With the Minecraft Video)

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  10. Niecy Is here.
    Niecy Is here. 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    How do you get it out of automatic repair mode? I went to log on and it keeps going to there, none of the options fix the issue. The last thing it attempted was a windows update. The unit seems to use up space even when not in use. I had to find things to delete just to keep it operable without asking for more space to run updates. I had what it came with, and my anti virus software. I even got rid of some of software it came with as it was running out of space. Wow, this product is viable.

    Reply this comment
  11. Daniel Eglington
    Daniel Eglington 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Have a headphone input?

    Reply this comment
  12. Hayden Heroux
    Hayden Heroux 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    1 FPS while standing still. Something like a RPi could do better. cringe

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  13. Ravi Silva
    Ravi Silva 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    algem do Brasil

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  14. JakeyMo
    JakeyMo 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    will it do Sony Vegas pro 14??

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  15. Jason Muñoz
    Jason Muñoz 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    A friend of mine gave it to me for free, even I already I have a 14 inches laptop (main) and a 2 in one acer aspire swicth as a secondary tablet but this is not what a want to my daily use, only 16gb adobe suit and my photos will cover all that space. im thinking on give it to my mon

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  16. Kiara C
    Kiara C 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    This was really helpful. Thank you!

    Reply this comment
  17. Augusto V.
    Augusto V. 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    can i play hearts of iron 4?

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  18. shane johnson
    shane johnson 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    just bought it for £99

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  19. sybouri villa
    sybouri villa 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    hi can u do a review of Lenovo n22 with Windows 10

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  20. Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    meanwhile in canada it costs 300 fucking dollars

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  21. Sniper Addison
    Sniper Addison 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Is this Laptop good for video editing?

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  22. Habbor
    Habbor 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Vídeo games that support?

    Reply this comment
  23. yahitsabouttimerocket
    yahitsabouttimerocket 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    my parents are getting me these, im honestly screwed lol

    Reply this comment
  24. freeweed
    freeweed 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Which is the best low cost that can recharge by USB?

    Reply this comment
  25. EpicBubbles
    EpicBubbles 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    will I be able to run rocket league

    Reply this comment
  26. 재드래곤
    재드래곤 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    just buy note 7

    Reply this comment
  27. 재드래곤
    재드래곤 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    i don't know but it is 220 to 230$in south korea
    i think smartpone is more cheap ……

    Reply this comment
  28. A.I.P.
    A.I.P. 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    With this PC can I play Facebook games (Farmville, etc…)? It's a gift for my mother, and she only use for it. Sorry for my english 🙁 Thanks!

    Reply this comment
  29. yahitsabouttimerocket
    yahitsabouttimerocket 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    lon seidman, on these lower ends laptop you shouldnt be testing minecraft but test roblox instead…..

    Reply this comment
  30. Aseem Ali
    Aseem Ali 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    What is the fps or frame rate

    Reply this comment
  31. Tavia Ellifritz
    Tavia Ellifritz 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Can I play Roblox and mine craft on it???

    Reply this comment
  32. Patrick Rudnicky
    Patrick Rudnicky 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    can it play7 minecafttttztz????!!!???

    Reply this comment
  33. Lenis Larrosa
    Lenis Larrosa 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Es posible ampliar a 4GB de memoria RAM?

    Reply this comment
  34. Christian Alboroto
    Christian Alboroto 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    will it run world of tanks?

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  35. Mayra M
    Mayra M 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    How do I turn on keyboard light help please

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  36. Lindsey, let’s talk
    Lindsey, let’s talk 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    could i play a game like sims

    Reply this comment
  37. Lindsey, let’s talk
    Lindsey, let’s talk 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    could i play a game like sims

    Reply this comment
  38. Lindsey, let’s talk
    Lindsey, let’s talk 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    could i play a game like sims

    Reply this comment
  39. Patrick Darby
    Patrick Darby 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    Hi+Lon Seidman I have a question for this item which I m possibly getting this summer for my birthday but one thing can this laptop could be hooked up to a ethernet cable?

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  40. Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 3 March, 2022, 16:01

    can i use it for editing videos

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