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If you are really really serious about testing energy supplies then try out this energy offer tester with the Liquid crystal display display screen. The Liquid crystal display display screen on this energy offer tester presents a voltage readout for the 12V1, 12V2, -12V, 5V, three.three, and PG circuits on personal computer energy supplies. This energy offer tester is appropriate with contemporary energy supplies as properly as more mature model energy supplies. Older model energy supplies are effortlessly analyzed on this energy offer tester due to the fact it accepts the twenty pin atx connector and is capable to detect the -5V circuit. As much as new energy supplies go, this tester is up to the activity due to the fact it can exam eight pin cpu, pci convey, and sata. This energy offer tester weighs only three.five ounces and is only five/eight inches thick so it suits superior in your toolbox.

Something to recall: These energy offer testers abide by the atx wiring common and likewise, the energy supplies it tests have to also abide by the atx wiring common. Our people at have identified a number of dozen energy supplies and pcs that DO NOT abide by the atx wiring common and likewise, will not exam properly on our testers. In this article they are:
Acer PY.45009.001
Acer Altos G510
Acer Altos G700
Acer DPS-450FB F
Acer DPS-450FB F Rev. one
Compaq Presario 5032
Compaq DC5000 DC5000 Desktop
Compaq PDP-116P
Compaq D530 D530
Compaq Evo D500
Compaq 244166-001
Compaq HP-U250XC3
Compaq Presario 5423US
Compaq Presario 5300 Desktop
Compaq Presario 5310LB Desktop
Compaq Presario 5322RSH Desktop
Compaq Presario 5422RSH Desktop
Compaq Presario 5325LA Desktop
Compaq Presario 5330US
Compaq Presario 5350CA Desktop
Compaq 255712-002
Compaq Presario 5400 Desktop
Compaq Presario 5450CA Desktop
Compaq Presario 6000XX Desktop
Compaq 289769-002
Compaq 319235-001
Compaq Presario 6100XX Desktop
Compaq 317218-001
Compaq Presario 6200XX Desktop
Compaq Presario 6300XX Desktop
Compaq Evo D300
Compaq Presario 6024US
Compaq Presario 5430US
Compaq Presario 5320US
Compaq 255712-001
Compaq 255712-004
Compaq 243890-001
Compaq 244166-001
Dell UP957
Dell NP679
Dell UX459
Dell D9761
Dell HY104
Dell HY105
Dell MY064
Dell PowerEdge 1950
Dell Z670P-00
Dell 7001080-Y100
Dell 430-2244
Dell L235P-01
Dell FR610
Dell PW116
Dell RM112
Dell 67T67
Dell R224M
Dell WU136
Dell Optiplex 760 SFF
Dell Optiplex 780 SFF
Dell Optiplex 960 SFF
Dell F235E-00
Dell H235P-00
Dell H235E-00
Dell NPS-330CB H
Dell NPS-330CB B
Dell NPS-330CB C
Dell 0000726C
Dell 04767D
Dell NPS-330CB L
Dell PowerEdge 2400
Dell 024RGY
Dell NPS-300GB
Dell 312GK
Dell 088PNP
Dell NPS-330CB E
Dell 1H070
Dell PowerEdge 1400SC
Dell NPS-300GB B
Dell Precision 410
Dell NPS-300GBB
Dell Dimension 8100
Dell 24RGY
Dell 88PNP
Dell 03E466
Dell 3E466
Dell NPS-330CB
Dell OptiPlex GX400
Dell PowerEdge 1300
Dell PowerEdge 2300
Dell Precision 330
Dell Precision 420
Dell PowerEdge 1400
Dell 0042FK
Dell 042FK
Dell NPS-330DB
Dell NPS-330DB A
Dell NPS-330CB J
Dell N4531
Dell DPS-450FB
Dell DPS-450FB A
Dell DPS-450FB A REV 01
Dell DPS-450FB A REV 02
Dell DPS-450FB A REV 03
Dell DPS-450FB A REV 04
Dell PowerEdge 1600SC
Delta DPS-450FB
Delta DPS-450FB A
Delta DPS-450FB A REV 01
Delta DPS-450FB A REV 02
Delta DPS-450FB A REV 03
Delta DPS-450FB A REV 04
Delta DPS-450FB F
Delta DPS-450FB F Rev. one
HP DC5000 DC5000 Desktop
HP Company Desktop DK667A
HP Company Desktop D530
HP D530 D530
HP 244166-001
HP 243890-001
HP 255712-001
HP 255712-002
HP 255712-004
Mitac MPU-110REFP
Newton FSP400-60PFB-M
Newton NPS-330CB B
Newton NPS-330CB C
Newton NPS-330CB L
Newton NPS-300GB
Newton NPS-330CB E
Newton NPS-300GB B
Newton NPS-300GBB
Newton NPS-330CB
Newton NPS-330DB
Newton NPS-330DB A
Newton NPS-330CB J
Shuttle PC70I0005
Shuttle PC70
Shuttle PPR-PC7000-F000
Shuttle PC55
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3500
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3800
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800X
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3500G
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3800W
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800 Deluxe
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800E Workstation
Shuttle XPC Prima SX38P2
Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2
Shuttle XPC Prima SX48P2
Shuttle PC55I00002
Shuttle PC43I3503
Shuttle XPC SB95PV2
Shuttle XPC SD37P2
Shuttle XPC SD39P2
Shuttle XPC SN26P
Shuttle PC43
Shuttle XPC SN27P2
Shuttle PC43003
Shuttle XPC SD31P
Shuttle XPC SB81P
Shuttle XPC SN25P

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