AV Rant #407: The Room Treatment Episode

AV Rant #407: The Room Treatment Episode

This week we thank Eliezer and Niclas as our listeners of the week. Thanks for your support! In the news – Sonos sues Denon over Helios (LINK) and Google killed Revolv (LINK). Lee lets us know about an Onkyo repair and warranty extension (LINK), Michael is finally happy with his set up now that his has finished following all our advice, Rohan wants to know if there is anything else he can do to his room, and Tony found a great chart for you DIY absorption panel types (LINK). Michael is looking for a high-end analog-only preamp, Andrew has some confusion about how to implement the Room EQ Wizard curves, and Robert is looking for upgrade options. Don wants to know if we would recommend spending money on speakers or room treatments, Ryan wants to add room treatments (LINK and LINK) but doesn’t know where to start (he also found a room treatment company and wants our opinions LINK), and John has some followup questions to our recommendations for his planned home theater (LINK and LINK). Jay wants us to double-check his basement plans, Greg is curious about separates vs a receiver, Infinite Gary wonders about Auromatic vs Dolby Surround, and Ashley has some plans for his computer speakers and wonders if they’ll work (technically…yes). Bruno, Fred, and William – we’ll get back to you next week.

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