Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Theatre Series II Bundle Unboxing

Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Theatre Series II Bundle Unboxing

Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Theatre Package Series II Unboxing
Yamaha HTR-3068 5.1-channel A/V receiver
Bose Acoustimass 6 series V home theatre speaker system

Bluetooth functionality for wireless music, and compatibility with the latest ultra-high definition video sources and televisions. The Bose Acoustimass 6 home theatre package includes the Bose Acoustimass 6 home theatre speaker system and Yamaha HTR-3068 5.1-channel A/V receiver.

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  1. Renwick Lem
    Renwick Lem 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    How do I purchase this unit pls let me know

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  2. MrButtHurt
    MrButtHurt 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Does anybody know how much Hz this thing has?

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  3. MrButtHurt
    MrButtHurt 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Hi, can you tell me how much Hz this thing has?

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  4. kesler mallari
    kesler mallari 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Hello, I have the same exactly what's on the video, the bose speaker and the yamaha receiver. But there is no sound coming out. My connection is from tv then receiver then the bose speaker. But I dont have sound, it would great if someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

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  5. Hindustan Zindabad
    Hindustan Zindabad 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    It is too good

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  6. Hari om
    Hari om 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    I love Bose speakers BT I can't buy this is so expansive any one who give me Bose speaker

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  7. Nitin Gangawane
    Nitin Gangawane 11 January, 2022, 03:05
  8. kd harish
    kd harish 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Price tell me bro

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  9. Basant Kumardas
    Basant Kumardas 11 January, 2022, 03:05
  10. love status khan
    love status khan 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Bus ker bhai

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  11. Azam Khan
    Azam Khan 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    plz anyone tell me what song is that in background?

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  12. Deepesh Mv
    Deepesh Mv 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    from where does i get this product

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  13. Tt Ss
    Tt Ss 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    horrible recording i mean zoom out a bit and get the stuff in full frame.

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  14. Slosh MaGee
    Slosh MaGee 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Cool man. I shop at a thrift store and got a working 5.1 Sony STR-DH510 with remote for $10. The next day I picked up a complete working Bose Acoustimass 6 with all the wiring, the 5 satellite speakers, and the ugly metal Bose stands for another $30. So out of pocket $40 for everything. How much did you spend on yours?

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  15. Josh Fletcher
    Josh Fletcher 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Learnt fuck all. Except you like the box. Cheers

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    xcf RYDZWAN NURDIN 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    made in china ??

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  17. Richard Lalrinkima
    Richard Lalrinkima 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    how about the sound…???

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  18. De Jonge Neven
    De Jonge Neven 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Hi man, are you still happy with your Bose system ? Grtz

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  19. Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    is the Yamaha receiver part of the system?

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  20. Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Can the audio system be conected directly to a TV?

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  21. SIVA
    SIVA 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    what is the name of that background? plse tell me.. it is really amazing with heavy sound effects..

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  22. Preston Gerimonte unbox machine
    Preston Gerimonte unbox machine 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    What blue ray player do you suggest for 4k ultra hd discs or should I get a Xbox 1 s

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  23. Preston Gerimonte unbox machine
    Preston Gerimonte unbox machine 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Should I get bose or Samsung speakers for home entertainment

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  24. Kyan VS
    Kyan VS 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    i still own the series 3 and it is truely amazing,
    the subwoofer is insane it can wake ur entire neighborhood
    the 5 satalites are of less quality but still sound great but the best part is the subb

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  25. Madappaas Madappaas
    Madappaas Madappaas 11 January, 2022, 03:05
  26. Gruvve
    Gruvve 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Meh… Bose

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  27. ch1mptast1c
    ch1mptast1c 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    That Yamaha amp is pretty good entry equipment.. but why the fck would anyone buy a bose system when a decent amp alone is only about 300 bucks. That plus definitely better sounding speakers can be bought at a grand total.

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  28. Marco Willy
    Marco Willy 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Un giocattolo rispetto il vecchio Acoustimass 6.

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  29. alan norte leeks
    alan norte leeks 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    can you do a video with the bose working with a movie and a videogame!!!! thanks

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  30. OMAR and WASIF
    OMAR and WASIF 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    Awesome unboxing vid!

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  31. Angel Cornejo
    Angel Cornejo 11 January, 2022, 03:05

    it is pretty cool

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