Bose Acoustimass Encompass Seem Speaker Programs | Crutchfield Movie

Bose Acoustimass Encompass Seem Speaker Programs | Crutchfield Movie

Bose Accoutimass Programs:

Bose Accoustimass® encompass seem speaker techniques are reviewed by Crutchfield professionals in this short movie. The little speakers and slender Acoustimass® module perform jointly, offering roomy, natural-sounding audio and substantial-effect dwelling theater seem consequences. Bose’s impressive technique is the essential. The four compact dual-dice satellites feature Bose’s patented swiveling design. You can alter every single speaker’s cubes to get the great mix of direct and reflecting seem. And Bose’s sound create excellent and electronic protection circuitry make sure that this process will fill your room with terrific seem for several years to arrive.

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  1. Ashok Shetty
    Ashok Shetty 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    I have a Bose Acoustimass 6 speakers ( 5 speakers plus 1 bass module unit) connected to my Sony receiver, with 7.1 surround sound.

    I don't wish to upgrade my Bose Acoustimass 6 speaker setup. So I am thinking about just getting a pair of speakers to add to the receiver. Is it possible as you know that the all speakers connect to the Bass module, and then there are more wires that connect to the receiver.

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  2. speaker amp
    speaker amp 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    i always curious if i just direct connect the receiver to the cube speaker,i think it wont damage the cube speaker.

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  3. Kathleen West-Corbett
    Kathleen West-Corbett 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    i have a bose 3 amp and have just bought a acoustimass subwoofer do i need to connect a five din cable to run the sub as the man in maplin said just use the two pin into the audio two pin this cuts the volume out.

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  4. crimsontide1980
    crimsontide1980 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    First off I want to say I have almost no knowledge of home theater/audio so I apologize in advance if what I say is poorly worded or makes little sense. I decided I wanted to throw together a small and fairly inexpensive home theater setup and no I didn't exactly do a lot of research I've just been learning as I go. I snatched up a Pioneer VSX-530 for dirt cheap($159) from a local Best Buy and decided I also needed a pair of speakers(yes I know I need at least 2 pairs and a center channel,but I'm on a budget so I'm piecing it together lol). Anyways I was recommended a set of Bose 161 speakers,I initially planned on buying another pair of these 161's and a cheap center channel but apon doing my research I've discovered that they're more suitable as rear(surround) instead of the main front speakers. So here's my next idea and please help me out on this…….I was thinking about going with the Bose Acoustimass 3 setup and using my 161's as my rear surrounds and using the cubes as my front channel speakers and purchasing a decent center channel…..would this setup work and at least provide me with a somewhat decent setup? I figure I could score the Acoustimass for around $200 which would keep me right at my budget.

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  5. Antony Xiao
    Antony Xiao 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    guys Bose is shit and overpriced. every driver in this system is made of fucking paper. don't believe me? open your Bose speakers and see for yourself

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  6. Esteban Montelongo
    Esteban Montelongo 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    easy to setup? who cares i care about good sound.

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  7. JOHN JH
    JOHN JH 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    I'd rather pick any 150$ HTIB over this overpriced plastic junk.

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  8. hyenachase f
    hyenachase f 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    never rated bose,also had def tech 100 ,very good,but imo the harman kardon htks 65 5.1 cant be beat

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  9. brystonfan
    brystonfan 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    not a Bose hater here, its like all the rest, i have heard high priced ht and audio systems that have sounded awesome, i have also auditioned high priced systems that were a laughing joke, i recently really pissed off a McIntosh dealer when i brought in my 600 dollar (11 pound) crown xls 2500 power amp and installed it in the showroom system (very easy swap) and it compared quite well in every way (except looks) against a 4000 dollar power amp, the crown is very ugly looking in comparison, some of the high end out there is way overpriced, today for audiophile 2 channel you can pick up a studio grade allen & heath pro mixer going into a crown amp going into audiophile speakers with a oppo blue ray/cd player (the pro mixer & amp will mop the floor with todays boutique high end and high end vintage) but you wont have volume remote or prestige looking components, but i dont buy it to look at it, years ago i thought looks were everything, i learned that lesson with a beautiful 1200 dollar yamaha mx1000u power amp with the flashy big red meters rated at 260 a channel, my 800 dollar plain jane looking adcom gfa555ii rated at 200 a channel sounded far better than the yamaha and played just as loud, i have had way too much coffee !!

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  10. cl8yt
    cl8yt 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    yea that helped a lot but, what i need to know also is a good subwoofer. i plan on getting a receiver 5.2 or 7.2 but i want to know what kind of subwoofer i should get to compliment my acoustimass 10 IV. And i don't wanna pay over $300 but i'm willing to bend just a little.

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  11. cl8yt
    cl8yt 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    Hello. I have the acoustimass 10 IV. but i also have acoustimass 3 IV. Is there any way i can merge the acoustimass 3 with the 10 to make a 7.2 system ?

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  12. electronics for fun
    electronics for fun 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    you don't want to buy a system with everything built in to the subwoofer that is a no no if the sub pounds to hard it might damage the amp but active subs sem to do fine with that so the real thing to look out for is if you damage anything in that module than the whole thing is trash

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  13. Daniel Koshy
    Daniel Koshy 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    i have the acoustimass 10 series V . The speakers are rated at 4 ohms. I have a sony av receiver that is rated at 6 to 16 ohms. Can i still connect these systems?

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  14. killmore75
    killmore75 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    Got this a few years ago and love the sound. The only problem is you can't upgrade anything and your just stuck with it : (

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  15. electronics for fun
    electronics for fun 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    it took her an hour to set that up it took me 5 minutes on my Sony system

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  16. xxX_BomBer_Xxx
    xxX_BomBer_Xxx 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    Why do people think that normal speakers are difficult to setup, its just as eazy as a bose system 

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  17. jackass6030
    jackass6030 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    Can I directly connect the bose cube speakers directly to my a/v receiver?

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  18. Hamilton Gray
    Hamilton Gray 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    How do u connect a Bose 5.1 speaker system to a 7.1 av amplifier? what about the back surround  Left n Right speakers ? can u connect another bose surround  speakers direct to the amplifier back surround L/R  speaker terminals ?Pls advice.

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  19. 65strad
    65strad 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    Update. I bought the system at Costco. Their package consisted of the Acoustimass 6 with 5 satellite speakers

    Plus a Yamaha HTR 3066 5.1 receiver

    Plus a Belkin Bluetooth receiver.

    I'm no audiophile, although there seems to be many here that are but I love the sound of this package. Watched the Denver game, awesome sound and music on Pandora, tons of depth, really nice.

    Price vs. value seems to be the knock on Bose. Please give feedback on my deal if you think I overpaid or if I did OK since I purchased based on brand recognition.

    Retail price at Costco before promotion price for the above $749.99

    Promotional price which ends at the end of the month $709.99 . What do you think, for $709.99 is that a decent price for an entry level home entertainment system? Any reasonable/rational responses are most welcomed.

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  20. 65strad
    65strad 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    Never a shortage of Bose haters it seems. I'm not someone that considers themselves a discerning audiophile, however I like the way the Bose Acoustimass 6 sounds. Apparently, it seems that the non Bose folks biggest beef with the product line to is that they aren't designed to attract the serious audiophile, at least from the price standpoint.

    I plan on going go Costco tomorrow and buying one of the last promotion Bose packages, and let me know what you think of the value for the price, but read what is included.

    Bose Acoustimass 6:

    1. 5 speakers with the Acoustimass module

    2. Belkin Blue Tooth module

    3. Yamaha HTR 3066 5.1 receiver

    Price from Costco normally, $749.99 NOW until the 29th $709.00

    If that's a crap deal, then I'm a sucker for crap deals. Any comments from the "experts"?

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  21. Sjeezus Criste
    Sjeezus Criste 25 February, 2016, 11:52

    A normal speakersystem is as eazy to setup. On your amp it says witch speaker is for where and then you just plug it in. Why do people think that a normal speaker system is so difficult to setup

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