Bose Home Theater Systems with SoundTouch Technology

Bose Home Theater Systems with SoundTouch Technology

Every Bose SoundTouch Home theater system from Bose will provide great home theater sound. You’ll be able to stream your favorite music over your WiFi network. Every SoundTouch Home Theater System includes a small control console with four HDMI inputs. The 4K compatibility insures high-quality audio and video from all of your sources. A universal remote control works with the console for easy access to your favorite entertainment. The wireless acousticimass module, well this supplies impactful base, while adaptIQ adjusts the sound to any room size and shape. The SoundTouch 120 is a high performance sound bar that delivers robust sound from a compact sound bar, that measures only 17 inches wide. The wireless acousticimass module, it is a forceful base for your movies, music and sports. It’s a great choice for the average sized living-room or bedroom.

The SoundTouch 130 is the best performing sound bar in the SoundTouch family of Home Theater products. The SoundTouch 130 has a ton of technology packed into a slick frame, offering a level of performance you might expect from a 5-speaker system. This sound bar can place sound into the room where there are no speakers. The Wireless Acousticimass Module delivers resounding low notes that add to the experience, and the small control console with the 4 HDMI connections provides easy set up. All of this is controlled with a universal remote. The Sound Touch 520 Home Theater System features 5 sleek speakers, and a wireless base module to deliver all of the sound you need. The small control consul accommodates connections for much of your AD gear, all controlled with the universal remote.

The Bose SoundTouch Home Theater family of products will change the way you enjoy all of your TV shows, sporting events, and movies. You’ll have a great Home Theater Sound, and you’ll be able to stream your favorite music from services like Spotify, Pandora, I-Hot Radio, and Deezer, all over your own wi-fi network. For more information on Bose products, visit, or go to our YouTube channel.

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