Buy Household Products & Steel Kitchen Utensils at Factory Outlet, Cheap Household Wholesale Market

Buy Household Products & Steel Kitchen Utensils at Factory Outlet, Cheap Household Wholesale Market

There will be no house without a kitchen in the world. Almost all people would like to have a good and beautiful kitchen with amazing utensils or appliances and equipment’s but its really hard to find a good store or place to explore and purchase good kitchen supplies under reasonable prices. Fortunately there are some big and better factory outlets available in the market where you can get wide variety of kitchen and cookware products. We found one of the best steel and kitchen supply factory outlet in Hyderabad where you can find en number of products without any limit.

Metalika Industries or Metalika Steel Factory is a biggest household and commercial kitchen equipment’s and utensils manufacturers located in Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad. This industry established in the year 1969 and are having more than 50 years of experience in the industry. They do sell more than 1000 of household goods or products under reasonable and affordable prices. They mainly manufacture stainless steel kitchen utensils and equipment’s but also resale various household and commercial household and kitchen products made by other manufacturers under wholesale prices. This is a one of the best and amazing wholesale household market we have in the country.

The products and utensils made with stainless steel are starting from 200/- rupees per one KG and can go upto 1000/- rupees per KG. The prices will be vary from product to product and design to design and as per the quality which they use. Along with stainless steel utensils we can also see products made with plastic, gun metal, bronze, Brass & Copper. And another good and interesting thing is that they’re offering 5-10% discount on all products being sold at their store. As well as they do provide services to their customers along with sales, like repairing mixer grinders, grinders etc under reasonable charges.

Along with metal made products they also sell branded kitchen equipment’s like water purifiers, grinders, mixer grinders, pressure cookers, cookware, chimneys and luggage bags etc. under reasonable prices and with good discount. In their mart we can see household kitchen utensils and equipment’s in the ground and first floor of the building. and in the second and fourth floor of the building we can find all hotel or restaurant related commercial kitchen utensils and equipment’s. They do have their own manufacturing until in the same area. Right now they don’t have any other branches or factory outlets. Following is the address and contact details of the factory outlet. Watch full video for more info on the products and prices range.

Buy Household Products & Steel Kitchen Utensils at Factory Outlet, Household Items Wholesale Market. Cheap and Best Household Wholesale Market

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