Cervical Radiculopathy Physical exercises (Pinched Nerve Self-Repair)

Cervical Radiculopathy Physical exercises (Pinched Nerve Self-Repair)

Radiculopathy can be brought on by repetitive stress (driving or laptop use) or acute injury (this kind of as a automobile accident).

My information in this video is for a mate who thinks his injury was brought on by repetitive actions and sleeping posture.

Therefore my physical exercise information focuses on countering movement and posture imbalances. If his injury was from an acute trauma, this kind of as a automobile accident, my information would be very distinctive: SEE A Health care provider.

If you try and physical exercise your way by way of a pinched nerve from a traumatic injury you can make points waaaay even worse.

And, if your injury is from repetitive stress, you continue to need to have to fork out notice to no matter whether or not an physical exercise feels greater or even worse.

It is really your entire body. You happen to be the remaining choose on no matter whether or not an approach feels right or not. Pay attention to your body’s instinct.

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  1. Assyrian Hunter
    Assyrian Hunter 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Your awesome! I didn't try doing the exercises yet. But the way you described the cases really got my attention.
    I'm 22 years old. I use to reach out for my laptop on the desk for hours for many years, and then I ended up working as a Truck Driver where I have to deal with manual transmission for the past 3 years. I tried ignoring the pain for couple months but then,,, DANG! it hit me harder.
    Thank you for sharing some helpful tips with everyone. Regards!

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  2. rebekahsansan
    rebekahsansan 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Hi, my elbow started to have a sharp pain after carrying a bag and placing it on to my right shoulder repeatedly. The pain is always there but it doesn't affect me much, however now that pain goes all the way to my upper arm, neck, forearm. I'm wondering what kind of exercise I can do for this pain. Is this a cervical radiculopathy condition? Thanks for your help in advance!

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  3. Rachel Fights
    Rachel Fights 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    do u ever see this pain in upper neck and head

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  4. Sarah Rip
    Sarah Rip 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    What can I do to get my range of motion back in my right arm from a pinched nerve?

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  5. wstuffii2009
    wstuffii2009 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Good tips!

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  6. lakecrab
    lakecrab 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Good name for it….'cause it hurts ridiculously.

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  7. terran771
    terran771 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    finnaly some knowledge on youtube.thanks man,i think my problem is from sitting for the last 10 years,i hope ill recover.

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  8. mrskonadog15
    mrskonadog15 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Thanks so much for the input. Think my neck discomfort is caused by the same thing as your friend so this presentation was especially helpful.

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  9. Janelyn Aspacio
    Janelyn Aspacio 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Great video thanks!

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  10. BLDalton85 Gaming
    BLDalton85 Gaming 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Thanks for the info share!  Very good presentation.

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  11. Barbara Toledo
    Barbara Toledo 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Hi Jamie!! I just started researching Cervical Radiculopathy, because I think I may be suffering from it. Let me give you a bit of background on me. I'm 36, a bit overweight, super active (until a couple of weeks ago I did crossfit 6 days a week). About 7 years ago I has diagnosed with an L4-L5 hernia (the doctor doesn't was to operate). About 2-3 years ago I wanted to add swimming to my CF training (I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger), but when I get in the water and start, my triceps burn (similar to a lactic acid buildup burn), and it's REALLY uncomfortable to swim. That is the ONLY symptom I have, or so I thought. In CF I don't have grip strength, I can only hold onto the bar (for pullups and such) for like 10 seconds and that is it. Do you think both problems are related? I have NO neck pain. Do you think the symptoms are related? Could it be Cervical Radiculopathy? How can I get better without giving up on exercising? My PT told me to only do yoga…*YAWN*. BIG THANKS!!!

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  12. ajz911
    ajz911 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    former fitness instructor, but changed careers 15yrs ago when i went into IT.

    100% agree with the findings/advice. makes total sense though I would add be careful with rotating shoulder exercises because if they are in the 'rolled forward' position, then you could trigger impingement of the shoulder and potentially damage/tear the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. if you are you will feel it. start of with going light weights, i mean very light.

    posture is everything. we weren't built to be in front of computers – period !


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  13. Carson Quam
    Carson Quam 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Massage as well as at home tools like trigger point there-cane, foam rollers, tennis balls really help get the knots out. It's rough paying 50-70 for a massage especially when you don't know when you can work again so at home work is especially helpful. Finally to the point where I can do PT/weights after months of tissue work. Posturework/Spinal decompression has helped towards solving the undrying problem plus nerve blocking drugs and topical cream. You don't have to take anti-inflammatory just orally!

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  14. Venu Av
    Venu Av 3 February, 2016, 16:42

    Hello, You are great.

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