Connecting Surround Sound System to TV

Connecting Surround Sound System to TV

For most people, sound bars are the best way to get better sound quality in the living room. They’re simple and inexpensive, and don’t have all the frustrating wires that come with a true surround-sound system. Sound bars don’t sound as good as true separate speakers — especially with music — but if you’re mostly looking for better sound with movies and TV shows, they’re vastly better than your TV’s built-in speakers.

There are two main types of sound bar designs. The most common design is quite literally a sound bar: it’s a long, thin speaker that’s typically paired with a wireless subwoofer. The sound bar can be wall-mounted or, more commonly, placed on your TV stand in front of the TV. It’s largely a hassle-free design, although with some notable drawbacks , including some models blocking your TV’s remote sensor.



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