Corning Kitchen Remodel Time-lapse

Corning Kitchen Remodel Time-lapse

I took down a wall, took up the floor (Pergo then two layers of laminate),re-wired and added electrical, drywalled, installed LED recessed lighting, LED under-cabinet lighting, installed new hardwood floor, installed new plumbing valves, drain, facet, disposal and a new line to refrigerator, centered new sink on window, installed ceiling speaker and amp, de-textured, re-textured and painted walls, installed all new trim, wainscoting, window casings, installed new glass and stone backsplash, removed and patched ceiling soffit, installed new appliances, gas stove, dishwasher, hung microwave and installed refrigerator, re-routed air vent and register, installed cabinet glides, installed new exhaust vent, replaced all electrical receptacles and switches. Contractors installed two new windows, plumbed for the gas stove, installed new cabinets and slab granite countertops.

This could not have been done without the help of my friends Tony Atkins and Matt Rude, my brother-in-law Kyle Thomas and of course, my beautiful wife Emily.

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  1. Aly P.
    Aly P. 7 December, 2021, 20:21
  2. Christian Corning
    Christian Corning 7 December, 2021, 20:21

    Since the bulk of the labor was by my own hand, we did all of it for under 18k, which includes cabinets, granite, appliances, windows and plumbing for gas, among everything else listed above, easily a 30-40k remodel.

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  3. Ra'Shaun Paul
    Ra'Shaun Paul 7 December, 2021, 20:21

    Very Nice, how much did this project cost?

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