Course Trailer: Field Botany

Course Trailer: Field Botany

Wendy and Jashelle reflect on their experiences taking VCU’s Field Botany (BIOL 425) course over the summer. This course is jointly taught by two professors, Dianne Jennings and Jill Reid, as an online class that meets synchronously out in the field throughout The James River Park System. To check out their work:

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  1. Abhishek Bhamdare
    Abhishek Bhamdare 4 March, 2022, 19:56

    Can I join you ?

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  2. Rad's Vids
    Rad's Vids 4 March, 2022, 19:56

    where did you study ???

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  3. Jill Reid
    Jill Reid 4 March, 2022, 19:56

    AWESOME! 🙂

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