Dell XPS 2015 – Bezel Totally free Laptop Unboxing & Assessment

Dell XPS 2015 – Bezel Totally free Laptop Unboxing & Assessment

These days we’re heading to choose a seem at the Dell XPS thirteen

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  1. Terreos
    Terreos 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    I really hope they fixed the fan issues with this laptop. I owned the 2014 i7 model for less than a month and had to return it. The fan would randomly just go on full blast for no reason. I'm check task manager and there was no ghost program using up the cpu or ram. If I was doing to cpu intensive tasks it wouldn't have bothered me. But watching netflix or reading emails shouldn't kick the fan in full speed mode.

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  2. Tejas Mangalore
    Tejas Mangalore 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    +Tek Syndicate Hardware could you please review the New Dell XPS 15 with Infinity Display?

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  3. dima b
    dima b 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    We should have had bezeless laptops in 2010 dude not barely in 2015

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  4. Emil Chetty
    Emil Chetty 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    "GNU Linux" =)

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  5. Be Content and silent the mind
    Be Content and silent the mind 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    would be nice if samsung decide to make a s6 edge style laptop screen…that would truly be bezel free

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  6. Real Life Eddy
    Real Life Eddy 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Liked the vid thanks for sharing.

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  7. Maattttheww
    Maattttheww 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Still using a 1200p 24 inch monitor… I dont think I'll be disappointed by 1080p on a 13.3inch

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  8. Dmitry
    Dmitry 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Hey, nice review here! I still have one question though: did you try to use two-finger scrolling in any other browser besides Internet Explorer? I heard, that it's pretty laggy, if it's not the IE.

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  9. Allen Jun
    Allen Jun 3 February, 2016, 23:45


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  10. Joshua Berna
    Joshua Berna 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Give me a free laptop. Thank you.

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  11. Richard Balls
    Richard Balls 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    $2200 for the touchscreen…
    lots like I'll be holding on to the 1337book for a bit longer

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  12. TryHardGamers
    TryHardGamers 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Can it drive a 4k screen?

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  13. Sukanta Maikap
    Sukanta Maikap 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    I'm planning to get theXPS13  Linux 2015 Developer's version. But sadly no review of that version is available here. It would be great if you mange to do a video on the same

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    NUCK CHORRIS 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    emmm it has a bezel. Clear as day has a bezel and is about 10mm thick. Heap of shit

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  15. hockeyavalanche73
    hockeyavalanche73 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Can anyone offer me some advice on choosing between an i5 and i7 processor? I will mainly use this computer for Microsoft Onenote, Word, and occasionally Excel. Additionally for web browsing (multiple tabs open), listening to music, and watching videos; all of which I most likely will do in some form simultaneously. I don't use photoshop nor do I delve into any programming, I also do not game. I do from time to time use windows movie maker to compile videos and photos from my phone, but that is about it. I plan to make this my computer for what I hope to be about 5 or so years which is when I got my last laptop (still has a core2duo processor) which is currently showing signs of catastrophic failure. There is a 300 dollar difference between the two and I'd rather not waste money on unused potential. I was initially concerned with the battery life, but I plan on getting the power companion so that shouldn't be too much of an issue for me anymore. I'm also planning on getting the 8gbs of ram and 256 SSD with whatever configuration I choose.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for any advice. As you can tell, I'm not very familiar with the inner workings of computers.

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  16. nunya biznez
    nunya biznez 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    This is not a bezel free laptop. Just because it says so on the box does not make it so. I would have expected a better and more accurate review and exposure of the false advertising from tek-syn. O well you get what you pay for.

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  17. canna bis
    canna bis 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    It clearly has a bezel

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    ISFiYIywAFIBc6qAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQrXTJiCtY3Asd4WF 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Now I only need a Thinkpad with an ultrabay with this kind of screen (doesn't need to be that thin, who cares), no trackpad and the old style keyboard.

    Also, something which has coreboot OOTB.

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  19. mikayel mikayel
    mikayel mikayel 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    hey ,thx for video. everyone else seems to be having problem with their touchpad, like not precise enough and with a latency , specially with scrolling … did you try all those things ? does it really seems smooth ?

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  20. thany3
    thany3 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Only 8GB of memory though, right? You'd think laptop manufacturers would've realized after many years of "max 8GB" to offer 16GB at least, if not 24GB.

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  21. Austin Pearce
    Austin Pearce 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    My friend who is a dev at canonical has this and an X1 carbon both with ubuntu of course. He decided to use the X1 carbon as his work laptop because of its superior keyboard. He uses the xps as more of a personal computer instead of work

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  22. FX Radeon
    FX Radeon 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    And now theres nothing to protect the screen from drops.

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  23. Max Tremaine
    Max Tremaine 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Are you going to be able to test the version that ships with Ubuntu 14.04?

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  24. superclaw900
    superclaw900 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    I quite clearly see a bezel

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  25. Julian R
    Julian R 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    You forgot to mention the lid wont open without moving the laptop around/holding the laptop down, this seems like a pretty big flaw for a new laptop.

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  26. Rainyboy
    Rainyboy 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Dell XPS 2014(flip screen)+2015(Small Bezel)=Best Laptop

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  27. Houndz
    Houndz 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    We get free software. I wonder how long it will take before we get free hardware?

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  28. amielskywalker
    amielskywalker 3 February, 2016, 23:45

    Linus already soaked his in the rain. XD

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