Easy Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repairs

Easy Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repairs

Though refrigerators generally operate very dependably year after year, they can break down, and, when they do, the result can be serious because food can spoil in a hurry.

Though many problems call for a refrigerator repair person, you can handle some simple repairs yourself. By doing so, you can save both money and the time and hassle of waiting for help. DIY fixes tend to involve checking the power, controls, condenser coils, and other parts outside of your refrigerator’s sealed, hermetic system.

The best way to increase the life of a refrigerator is to clean the condenser coils at least once a year—in fact, it pays to clean condenser coils on certain types of refrigerators, such as side-by-side and built-in models, at least twice a year.

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