Electrical Appliance Repairs & Parts – Stellison Ltd

Electrical Appliance Repairs & Parts – Stellison Ltd

Stellisons guarantee to be the cheapest store in Essex and Suffolk on every item we sell. We will beat any other retailer throughout the county providing the item in question is a current model and in stock at both shops.

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  1. john dolder
    john dolder 14 May, 2022, 20:59

    I brought an itegrated replacement washing maching from Stellison and after fitting the machine now stands out by 1.5 cm from the rest of the kitchen units. I was told that the problem was the waste pipes behind the unit but according to them the machine is no bigger than the machine it replaced. They and the fitters ( part of the Stellison group ) both ignore any communication i have sent them . If service is what you want i have found them impossible to deal with as they just wash their hands of the problem.

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