Freestanding Emilia Dual Fuel Oven Stove DI965EI3 reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

Freestanding Emilia Dual Fuel Oven Stove DI965EI3 reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

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This is a sizable cooking appliance for feeding a family, finished in stainless steel to match with your other kitchen appliances.

The cooktop is designed to run on natural gas, but an LPG conversion kit is included if you’d prefer to use bottled gas. In either case, you’ll need a licenced gas plumber to handle your installation. As for the electric oven, it uses a 15 amp connection.

Looking at the cooktop, there are five burners available in different sizes for efficiently heating different cookware. This includes a powerful central burner that’s perfect for wok cooking or quickly boiling a big pot of water for pasta.

These burners are managed with these handy dials, and can be reliably lit thanks to electronic ignition. There are also dials for setting the oven function and temperature. A digital timer is also included for keeping better track of your cooking.

The double glass oven door helps to efficiently lock in the oven’s heat, and to keep the door from getting too hot during your cooking. On the inside of the door, the layer of inner glass is removable for easier cleaning.

Inside, there’s a tray for closed door grilling, as well as the oven shelves. You have the option of fan-assisted cooking with the oven to provide even heating across multiple levels.

Speaking of fans, this oven also includes an automatic cooling fan that helps keep the oven’s frame from overheating during cooking. This means you won’t need to leave as much clearance available when installing this oven to protect the adjoining cupboards.

Underneath the oven chamber, there’s a handy storage drawer where you can keep your baking trays and cooking utensils.

And that’s the Emilia Romagna 90cm oven and stove, available with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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