Fridge and Freezer Organization

Fridge and Freezer Organization

While many of us have an organization system for our fridge, it’s frequently not the right one. We don’t group our foods correctly, or we don’t store them in the right places. Keep your chicken, beef, and pork, “toward the bottom of the refrigerator, since this is the coldest part in the appliance. If your steak leaks, it doesn’t do it all over the rest of your food.

Produce goes in designated crisper drawers or on a chilly lower shelf. Veggies need some humidity while fruit prefers a dryer environment, so keep them in separate compartments to prevent decay. With the exception of milk, group dairy items like eggs, cheese, and butter together. They don’t need extreme cold, so the door, top shelf, or dairy compartment make good homes. To avoid spoilage, keep the expiration dates pointed forward.

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