Gatekeeper Wireless Bluetooth Computer Lock Review

Gatekeeper Wireless Bluetooth Computer Lock Review

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Gatekeeper : Tired of memorizing passwords and long shutdowns each time you leave your desk? Our Gatekeeper offers professional computer information, network and cyber security through a seamless, high performance bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
Proximity Authentication : Our Gatekeeper network security device and system security device bluetooth lock wirelessly monitors your proximity and automatically locks your computer each time your leave your desk and unlocks when you return, making constantly locking and entering passwords a thing of the past
Protect Information : Ideal for protecting sensitive data in commercial businesses, government, IT networks, healthcare industries requiring HIPAA compliance, and everyday personal computer use
2 IN 1 DEVICE: Gatekeeper is both an information security and track/locate device, no more wasted time looking for lost or misplaced keys when Gatekeeper is also attached to the keyring, easily locate your Gatekeeper fob with Android and iPhones via our track/locate app available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Market
Easy Setup : Simple USB design for easy setup and to ensure your information is secured and to ensure there are no cyber security leaks without complex network security software, Gatekeeper, the most convenient, it security, network security, information security system for your Mac or Windows computers

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  1. darklandproduction
    darklandproduction 10 January, 2022, 11:17

    7 1/2 min before you actually get to the review? Install and test the thing off camera and then come on camera to show us what's in the box (don't read documents to us), install over view (don't make us watch it loading), and show us what it does! Why didn't you walk away from computer and show what happens when it locks and what it does when you walk back in.

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