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  1. Dr.Deepti Chandra Sharma
    Dr.Deepti Chandra Sharma 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    I am a haker and it just take 2:12 minutes to crack the lock with hacks

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  2. Games GamePlay
    Games GamePlay 7 January, 2022, 14:42
  3. Full .gamers
    Full .gamers 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    It work in windows 7 ultimate

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  4. Mudasir Umrani 13
    Mudasir Umrani 13 7 January, 2022, 14:42
  5. Jesus Esquivel
    Jesus Esquivel 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    What if i dont know the username ?

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  6. Anesu
    Anesu 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    got stuck at net user windows7 abcd. Can not proceed.

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  7. Aditi Zambare
    Aditi Zambare 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Sir, actully i have 2 user nd i forget password of main user i cant even delete delete my 2nd account they are showing lots of error. So plz can u help me???

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  8. Jackson
    Jackson 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Worked fine but before applying net user windows7 abcd
    You should check users by entering
    net user
    Then choose user to change his password

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  9. Peraras 2458A ff
    Peraras 2458A ff 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    That for one say sir my for shift key not accessing

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  10. Peraras 2458A ff
    Peraras 2458A ff 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Sir my for shift key not accessing

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  11. Whatsina Name
    Whatsina Name 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Extremely boring background music. It gives a headache.

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  12. VanessaVyondTheGirl 2002
    VanessaVyondTheGirl 2002 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    This is problems windows 7 password

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  13. Blue Wolf Gamers
    Blue Wolf Gamers 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    In my pc I am not able to login in my pc please help 🙏

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  14. Adarsh Kumat
    Adarsh Kumat 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Tum log pagl ho kya ha doogi

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  15. Matins Veismans
    Matins Veismans 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    There is an easier metod
    1. Go to cmd
    2. Type: notepad
    3.Click file/open
    4.Go to System32 click and click show all files
    5. Find the sethc.exe
    6. Rename it
    7. Rename cmd as sethc.exe

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  16. boris kratofil
    boris kratofil 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about forgot login password on laptop try Bablim Simple Code Booster(should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.

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  17. Joe Hart
    Joe Hart 7 January, 2022, 14:42
  18. Daniella Lozano
    Daniella Lozano 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    I’m on windows 7 Professional

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  19. (Merr)y Hallooween
    (Merr)y Hallooween 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    DEE Z:You dont need any downloads to fix this so continue anyway
    also DEE Z:Just download OS from internet

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  20. ihsan ulhaq
    ihsan ulhaq 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    hello. i have problem in changing my boot sitting because the ask for admin password but i did not create a password for admin.
    what should be the solution.

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  21. Dave
    Dave 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Many thanks took a while but got in eventually many thanks .

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  22. Thulsa Doom
    Thulsa Doom 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Mine dont pop up when I hi the keys pls help.

    I only have one account and i never installed the dick reset thing
    When I do the start-up repair it dont happen
    It says I dont have it

    Pls help

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  23. best song
    best song 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    American megatrends problem not open bios setting please solution

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  24. Bijaya Jena
    Bijaya Jena 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    reject video

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  25. Bahadur Singh
    Bahadur Singh 7 January, 2022, 14:42
  26. Kevin Roff
    Kevin Roff 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    I have changed C: to d: and first part worked, but second part I get "the file cannot be accessed by the system". Any ideas why it won't work Dee

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  27. Talal Omar
    Talal Omar 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    My computer is lagging. I restart the computer and I try to type correct password but it's not prompting my password.

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  28. muhammad zai
    muhammad zai 7 January, 2022, 14:42

    Not suitable for sony vivo laptop in windows 7!

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