Home Theater False wall concept

Home Theater False wall concept

This short movie shows one idea mounting a screen at the end of the room. Background, there were some windows, plumbing and electrical in other words, the wall the homeowner wanted to put the screen on was completely unusable as a wall. One idea was to build a second wall, about 2-3 feet out and putting the screen there. That unfortunately would require adding a door on the screen wall, reducing the space available for a screen. My solution was to not use a wall at all, but instead to hang theater drapes where the physical wall would have been. This removed the need for a doorway, and also allowed the “wall” to be placed further back, since there was no longer a requirement that the space behind be large enough to walk behind, as the curtains can always be pulled back for access. The last piece of the puzzle involved how to mount the screen. For this I suggested a simple, minimalist structure behind the curtain, with a section that protrudes forward to hold the screen in front of the curtain.

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