How Handy Crew will professionally install your new electric oven

How Handy Crew will professionally install your new electric oven

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New cooking appliances can make the difference between an ordinary kitchen and an exceptional one.

All of your new cooking appliances can be installed by Handy Crew straight out of the box, from ovens to cooktops to microwaves, so you can start putting them to use straight away.

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen uses a gas connection or if everything’s electric — with a team made up of fully licensed, insured and experienced tradespeople (including plumbers and electricians), Handy Crew can set up and install all types of appliances.

If you’re upgrading your oven, Handy Crew can assemble, set up and connect your new appliance and take your old one away to be recycled. Even tricky installations such as wall ovens and extra-wide dual fuel range ovens are no trouble.

Regardless of whether you choose a gas, electric or induction cooktop, Handy Crew can set it up and remove the old one along with the mess, leaving you with a pristine kitchen.

Even if you’ve just bought a microwave, Handy Crew can set it up for you so there’s no delay before you can start cooking, and you can enjoy the convenience of having our team take away your old microwave for you.

Whether you’re replacing a broken-down appliance or undertaking a complete kitchen renovation, you can always choose the finest appliances of your choice, as the Handy Crew team can modify your cabinets and install new power points and gas/water connections to accommodate your needs.

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