How to clean your stove top like a Pro

How to clean your stove top like a Pro

Bring the shine back to your stove top, burner pans and rings easily with this cleaning method that will save you time.

Easy off fume free oven cleaner:

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  1. James Long
    James Long 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    -pauses video at 0:32 to go and try lifting the top of the stove
    -lifts stove

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  2. Elohi Silver Mama & my Venture Leo Lion Warrior
    Elohi Silver Mama & my Venture Leo Lion Warrior 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Thank you for the video, made me laugh when I'm all stressing over cleaning kitchen. Boy, I remember when I first discovered the top part of a stove lifts up, Bitter sweet, so stoked to of finally found a way to really clean down there, yet, totally disgusted with how gross it was underneath.
    Props to Y'all making this video, Made me feel like a wimp, took me 40 minutes to scrub off all the burnt crap on underside…Hope you took a long hot bubble bath after that video,lol, 5 hrs, oh no no no. If my stove took me 5 hours to clean, ide set up my little outdoor stove for everyday use, 😆…I wouldn't survive a single day without my kitchen stove,plus it's like 20 degrees outside n that'd not be fun to cook out there. Summer time I do almost all cooking outdoors and that's when my stoves always clean,lol.

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  3. Chantal Alook
    Chantal Alook 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    thank you for teaching me.. I’m thankful for people like you on youtube showing me how to clean a stove because I know if I asked my mom she wouldn’t be as patient with me and would get mad that she had to teach me.

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  4. Priscilla Perez
    Priscilla Perez 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Love your video! I didn't know until now that the top of my stove can be lifted. Thank you!

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  5. Nydia
    Nydia 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    You’ve become my online mom!! Thanks so much for this. As mentioned in another comment, this is my first time ever having an electric stove in my apartment and I did not know ANYTHING about these stoves. You’re a life saver!! 💚💚

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  6. StoopidPoopid
    StoopidPoopid 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    omg… thank you so much! I try to wipe down my stove after use, but of course little things get in through the cracks. Living with roommates who never wipe down doesn't help either. The stove started smoking the other day because it was so dirty!!

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  7. Marilinaa
    Marilinaa 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    I could not believe the stove top lifts up. What a revelation! I just tried mine

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  8. Emptythoughts✨
    Emptythoughts✨ 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Thanks for that. I figured how to pull the coil burners and was worried i broke something or set the house of fire. Relieved that it’s meant to come apart for cleaning !

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  9. Rishi Roy
    Rishi Roy 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    It's 2022 and I'm still returning to this video for a refresher! Thank you so much for the helpful tips!

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  10. remi basile
    remi basile 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    I GREW UP with one of these stoves and I never knew they popped open like this!! Thank you so much for posting this video! Super helpful.

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  11. Hark Williams
    Hark Williams 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    In a terrible rental apartment, went to pop the top off the stove and it nearly fell apart 😅 it doesn't have the things to hold it up either, so I'm gonna have to get creative. But like everyone else, thank you so much for making this video!

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  12. JuJu VLOGS
    JuJu VLOGS 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    This was very helpful. I’ve done the “pop the hood” thing on a gas stove, but not an electric one. I didn’t know I could take the elements out.

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  13. Yvette Cervantes
    Yvette Cervantes 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Sadly I only found out that my stove top can be revealed this way my my how the years have passed and my stove is still not thoroughly clean, thanks for the share!

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  14. Denise Schlief
    Denise Schlief 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Good Morning How do I clean the actual burner– When i put it on it start smoking because there is stuff on the actual burner. Thanks

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  15. Spiky989
    Spiky989 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    So what do you use to clean the top of the stove off with? Just a wet rag and warm water?

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  16. Maxi Glad
    Maxi Glad 28 February, 2022, 15:31
  17. ItsStarbow
    ItsStarbow 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    My mom is sick and our stove is dirty 😫 so I want to try this

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  18. Anglynn74
    Anglynn74 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    I had an electric stove like this one over 20 yrs ago, then I bought a flat glass top stove & had that for 20 yrs. I went from owning to renting & I now have a regular electric stove so I'm refreshing my memory on how to clean them. I do miss my glass top though. My only fear when cleaning these stoves is the electric parts, I'm always afraid I'll zap myself on something but it seems fairly easy & troublefree. When you start cooking again after cleaning it like this does it give off any odor(s) after using the cleaner at all?

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  19. Elias Peace
    Elias Peace 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Thanks a lot girl! I appreciate this so much. Was very needed asap

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  20. Turk Turk
    Turk Turk 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Year 2021 I hope you replaced your stove and your cell phone with horrible camera 🙂 just saying….

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  21. Jane
    Jane 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    OMG. Thank you!!

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  22. Bianca Ramirez
    Bianca Ramirez 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    You mentioned the ivory makes something really shiny, what is the ivory?

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  23. levelheaded0 0
    levelheaded0 0 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Thank you for sharing!! I live by myself and didn’t realize how many odd things like this I didn’t know how to do before moving.

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  24. Toro Gaming
    Toro Gaming 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    I thought I had broken my stove then the hot plate came out of the stove but nope it was made to do that ty sm for the help

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  25. Sir Cartier
    Sir Cartier 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Uni students after a day of cooking and getting the stove messy 😭😭 watching this vid ❤️

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  26. Rita Y
    Rita Y 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    i tried this but my stove wont open ;-;

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  27. Waikin Yu
    Waikin Yu 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    We can use this to the stove top too.

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  28. Aiyonna Babbyyy
    Aiyonna Babbyyy 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    literally screamed wtf

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  29. Craaykraaaay
    Craaykraaaay 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    awesome video, thank you

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  30. Tyler Ramquist
    Tyler Ramquist 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Before I could even finish this video I said “there’s no way it opens like that” then Ran in the kitchen to try it for myself 😂😂

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  31. Poof
    Poof 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Why do I have a brown ring around one burner that I use frequently anyone know ? It’s never burned or anything

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  32. EriBunni
    EriBunni 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    👀 Omfg it worked. It's gonna be so easy to clean now. You're the best. Gonna try to lift people's stoves open when I visit now. ❤️🤣

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  33. Desireé Flores
    Desireé Flores 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Omg now I’m scared to see the extent of inside my stove…but it must be cleaned 🥴

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  34. Daniel Kemp
    Daniel Kemp 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Thanks for making this video. I didnt know the top can come off

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  35. Nikki Soger
    Nikki Soger 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    WOW!!! I never knew my stovetop opened up like that. You just made my life so much easier. Thank you

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  36. Dakotah Rivers
    Dakotah Rivers 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    Thumbs up if you’re also a millennial who’s parent taught you nothing so you’re out here YouTubing basic life skills

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  37. Vicky Latorre
    Vicky Latorre 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    What brand and model is your stove if you don't mind me asking. Thank you.

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  38. The Drunken Gardener
    The Drunken Gardener 28 February, 2022, 15:31


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  39. 3-Swords Cosplay
    3-Swords Cosplay 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    “I dont like to use chemicals”
    Oh boy so you dont like:
    Eating food? Food is a chemical
    Washing your hands? Filtered water is a chemical.
    Ppl saying “chemical” with such distain just shows they don’t know what a chemical is.

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  40. Brandi Chandler
    Brandi Chandler 28 February, 2022, 15:31

    If when you lift the top and underneath looks like aluminum, DO NOT USE EASY OFF! It will discolor the aluminum. (Newer Frigidaire are)

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