How to Fix a Dead HP Laptop – Power DC JACK Repair | LapFix

How to Fix a Dead HP Laptop – Power DC JACK Repair | LapFix

#HP #Motherboard #Laptop – HP Laptop is not powering ? Here is how to replace the DC Power JACK for HP laptop. This repair doesnt required a solder. This HP DC JACK is a wired Power DC JACK .

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  1. Typical PC Tech
    Typical PC Tech 28 April, 2022, 17:38

    Hello, I used to change DC jacks when they were soldered on the mainboard. Man those were terrible. I had a Deathray for a soldering gun (Walmart equivalent soldering gun). I'm surprised any of my fixes worked.. lol I suck so bad at soldering. Currently re-learning with a semi-legitimate soldering station. Looking for videos on Desktop Motherboard repairs. Had some great luck getting "dead" boards and recovering a few with pretty easy methods, sometimes they just power on for me, and test out ok. Some however are as described, dead… I'd like to find videos on this, or find out why there aren't many. Not stating that here as a question, just explaining how I found your channel. Found your IDE board swap / fix. Interesting stuff, felt like that would have been harder on the HDD fix. Good videos, thanks for sharing! I'll click a few likes as I check more videos out!

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