How to Fix Projector Flickering Issue? Home Theater Projector Blinking | Video Flashing

How to Fix Projector Flickering Issue? Home Theater Projector Blinking | Video Flashing

Are you tired of your projector shutting off after few seconds constantly? I know it can most irritating and frustrating to have the video blink when the audio still stay on specially while watching something on the big screen.

Home Theater is all about experience. And we know for a fact, that such issues can disappoint the fun of watching something on projector screen. While we also feel the pain with you, we can assure you that it is not necessarily a product (AVR, Projector and Source Player) problem.

Audio & Video that you experience, is achieved through a chain. And this chain starts from the source and ends at the output device. So in case of home theater video, the source player like Tata Sky, Firestick, Apple TV, Satellite Set Top Boxes, are the initial sources and TV or Projector can be the final output devices. The HDMI Cable, Ports (HDCP), AV Receivers/Soundbars, etc. are the elements which are part of this video chain. And the problem can either be in one of these elements or in the settings.

And that’s why in this video I am sharing with you 7 hacks that can fix your projector flickering issue. And you can let me know which one worked for you in the comments below.

Time Stamps –
00:00 – Projector Flickering Issue
01:01 – Introduction
02:33 – 1. Change Projector Lamp
03:00 – 2. Power Supply Surges
03:54 – 3. Change HDMI Cable
04:22 – 4. Turn off HDMI CEC
05:12 – 5. Add HDMI Splitter with EDID
06:17 – 6. Change the Refresh Rate
07:18 – 7. Distributed Phase/Input Supply Line

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    Jose Fernandes 15 May, 2022, 22:47

    you forgot clean ±1% AC power?
    Only IGBT PVM BASED true double conversion online ups can provide it. UTL Alfa Online Ups will do!

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