How to hide your Home Theater System with Wireless IR Extender by

How to hide your Home Theater System with Wireless IR Extender by

Wireless Infrared (IR) technology allows the signals to be transmitted through walls, doors, around corners, etc. Hide your cable box, DVD player, etc. by using a Remote Control Extender. If your Home Theater components are hidden behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinet or equipment closet, the MonoPrice IR Repeater System is the accessory you need to be able to control your components with your remote.

MonoPrice Wireless IR Remote Control Extender

  • Question: Will this device transmit signals through doors and walls?
  • Answer: Yes, it will. Because it uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology, it does not require line of sight between the transmitter and receiver.

  • Question: Will this device work with an RF remote?

  • Answer: No, it will not. It is designed to take the signal from an IR remote, convert it to RF, transmit it and convert it back to IR. It will not take the RF signal from an RF remote. It will only work with the signal from an IR remote.

Multiple wireless and wired extenders are available for different distances

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    The Hot Link Pro or Hot Link XL are very good IR repeating products as well, for those who cannot do RF or that want the dependability of a wired system, as well as not having to change out batteries all the time. Look on Amazon for the best price, usually can get it discounted about 25 bucks off of retail. Compatible with ATT UVerse and Scientific Atlanta 8300 set top boxes.

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