How To Repair a Whirlpool Refrigerator

How To Repair a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Having issues with your refrigerator like the light not working, no cooling, flickering lights, broken control panels? We show you how to replace the control board, which may be the cause of the issue.

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  1. James Addison
    James Addison 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I have a whirlpool side by side that has the fresh flow air filter, I think!!! It makes a screwy noise in that area where the filter goes from time to time, so I thought it was maybe time to change the filter since we haven't since we bought it a couple of years ago. I opened the door that covers the filter and found that there was no filter, just foam board. So is the foam supposed to be there? Did the factory just miss putting the filter in? I don't see how any air could pass by the foam board. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Yolanda Garza
    Yolanda Garza 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Not cooling

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  3. Calllvin Joseph
    Calllvin Joseph 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Freezer work but frig not

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  4. joe waldroff
    joe waldroff 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Have a red panel that appears to show the wall power plug perhaps not plugged in even though I have power to light up the control panel and lighting in the refrigerator

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  5. Amy cooper
    Amy cooper 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Well, I've had my new whirlpool frig for about five hours now, and there is no light on in the freezer. I went to thr whirlpool site and they wanted me to pay to get some answers.I'm ot going to pay more money, it's BRAND NEW. Think it's a lemon?

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  6. It's Me
    It's Me 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Wow, soon I took the light off things is start to be working again, Thank you that save me a lot of money calling someone to check it cause I know first thing they are going to check is the relay and replace it and if that thing didn't work they will tell you it's the air compressor without testing or checking for something.

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  7. PhotoBliss
    PhotoBliss 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    where can I get this board?

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  8. huivpalto1
    huivpalto1 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Having exact issue, however the part wpw10135090 is no longer made. Purchased used one and its causing a different issue. Do you guys know of any reliable vendors that can provide the part?

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  9. Lori Frank-Jarvis
    Lori Frank-Jarvis 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    MY water stopped coming out on door

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  10. DeAnne Schumacher
    DeAnne Schumacher 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    How do I remove one of the drawers inside of the bottom freezer drawer to get to a burned out bulb in the freezer?

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  11. Mary Joy Dizon Batas
    Mary Joy Dizon Batas 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    My Whirpool too is not freezing and cooling..

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  12. Mary Joy Dizon Batas
    Mary Joy Dizon Batas 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    My Whirpool too is not freezing and cooling..

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  13. Jon Olivera
    Jon Olivera 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Where is the link to buy the part??

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  14. DarrinKhan
    DarrinKhan 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I have a Whirlpool Gold side by side and due to excessive frost in the freezer and a warm refrigerator, I came to the conclusion that the main control board was my problem. I was about to pull the trigger and order the $250 part today, but I was curious about a comment in the video that some people try to fix the board themselves so I decided to look at the board first to see if it was repairable. I saw a burnt spot on the back of the plastic mount and found a post in the board where the solder had burned off. One drop of solder on that post and my problem was solved – at least for now.

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  15. Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Just skip it to 4:10 … Thank me later. BTW this is not the repair video I was looking for. :/

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  16. Mark Bucklad
    Mark Bucklad 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    you have same part in vidio that i cant find could I get the part number you used thanks

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  17. David Sturm
    David Sturm 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I have a 2006 whirlpool refrigerator that's touchy!

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  18. Noor Ullah
    Noor Ullah 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    me refrigerator is not cooling

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  19. Angcool
    Angcool 22 June, 2022, 14:49




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  20. Neil Williams
    Neil Williams 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I have a Whirlpool top freezer that's 13 years old. Every 2 months the evaporator core in the freezer frosts up real bad. I have to remove the cover and put a couple pots of boiling water to thaw it out. There are no other problems, just this one.
    I was told it could be the timer or thermostat. If this is true, how much does it cost and, is it easy to remove?
    GOD bless and thanks a lot.

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  21. Andrei Erofeev
    Andrei Erofeev 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Hey, Handy Guys, how about instead of wasting half of the episode on showing yourself in the headphones and then doing pretty much a trivial replacement job, post a link to a decent repair manual for the model? Waaaaay more useful than showing your screwdriver or talking skills, and would actually match the ambitious "Refrigerator Repair" video title.

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  22. nick yelin
    nick yelin 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I don't have power to compressor and condense fan. What's it can be?

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  23. S.K. G.
    S.K. G. 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    hi, I have a Whirlpool Iceberg classic two door refrigerator and all of a sudden the door alarm has started beeping even after door is shut. how to stop it?can't sleep

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  24. fartlicker3000
    fartlicker3000 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Just wondering, on my whirlpool side-by-side fridge the board that you are showing is actually an inverter assy module. before I lay down 190.00 from sears, I just wanted to find out if I did just need the controller board, which seems to reside in a pop down control panel inside the fridge, by the light bulb. would the inverter cause that pop down controller to not show a display, and the ice/water dispenser to be non functioning? On the pod down controls, I can press the cooling On/Off button, and it runs through a bunch of numbers before the display goes out. At least it Seems like the compressor is running and staying cool, but no controls. Thanks

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  25. John
    John 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I have the refrigerator lights out and the temperature led's are not working. The refrigerator is cooling just fine. The two bulbs below the crisper are also out.. The tech thinks its the module where the temperatures are controlled.

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  26. Ivan Morghen
    Ivan Morghen 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Hello guys, can you please help to find the electric diagram for this 7GS2SHEXMS00 whispool refrigerator? i been looking for with no succes, graet channel you got there.

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  27. Nolan Moore
    Nolan Moore 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Water is leaking from the top of the refrig from a little vent next to the water filter. about a quart per day. Help

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  28. Ron Collins
    Ron Collins 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    whirlpool fridge – the top trey of the freezer drawer has ice build up. There is no build up in bottom drawer?

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  29. KungFuMaintenance
    KungFuMaintenance 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    4:23 " I also took the opportunity to clean the floor behind the refrigerator, because that gets done once every, Never." LoL ~ :0)

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  30. Colleen H
    Colleen H 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Have Whirlpool French door refrigerator. It is now 4 years old. I would never buy a Whirlpool product again. The ice maker has been replaced twice and has never kept up providing ice. The big issue is that the unit does not turn back on after a power outage, power surge, or power bump. Disastrous if we are not home at the time or on vacation. It was suggested that we empty the refrig/freeer when we go on vacation. REALLY??? The other issue is the continuous leaking water that is caused by a poor design of the grommet valve that is part of the overflow pan which is suppose to evaporate but instead leaks all over our floor. This happens at least once or twice a week and my husband has modified it twice and we clean it out regularly. The refrigerator is a very poor design (tho have heard most french door refriges do have issues.. I just purchased a Repair+one program and am kicking myself for not purchasing the extended warranty at the time of purchase. I was glad to find out that the warranty does belong to the unit, so after repairs are made I will be selling this. I could not sell it in good faith with so many issues, esp the unit not starting back up after a power surge…. It's really a piece of expensive junk.

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  31. Stephen Shelley
    Stephen Shelley 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    i have a whirlpool side by side refrigerator model no.ED5KVEXVBO6 that will run for 15 min.and stop for 10 is cold inside.what could the problem be

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  32. C.J Deyzel
    C.J Deyzel 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Long story short …. remove the electronic sh!t and make everything old school … less problems … happy customers

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  33. Nishikant Mishra
    Nishikant Mishra 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I am having whirlpool, 280 Ltrs,ICE MAJIC DOOBLE DOOR , MODEL WRHA 282j20 N sap code 4500, Srl No INA 024901860 since 2003. It was perfectly running. However for last 2 months its AUTO "ON"/"OFF" is not working. Some time items kept in lower part [other than freezer] get frozen [BECOME ice]. I have 4 time reported to customer care. but the mechanic visit & goes on experimenting by replacing censor and the problem remains the same. They collect the visit charge after getting Satisfactory Code. but no solution. . I am in Ahmedabad, Nr Indira Bridge Hansol Sardarnagar 382475. my contact number is 9825486570.I hope whirlpool will guide me

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  34. Jerry
    Jerry 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Good advice, way too much babble.

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  35. Evelyn Meka
    Evelyn Meka 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    My refrigerator Whirlpool makes a beeping sound, and will work some times then stop. Model # 106.44432602. Help

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  36. Nora Ramirez
    Nora Ramirez 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    I have a whirlpool refrigerator mod # WRT799REY00….. it is not cooling and repairman told me it is unrepairable because the compressor is not working, and the line that carries Freon is broken…. is really true or is there a solution??

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  37. Ed P.
    Ed P. 22 June, 2022, 14:49
  38. WestCoastDP
    WestCoastDP 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    For the last 15 years, most fridges are Junk. I've had to fix something every 2 years.

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  39. jack breh
    jack breh 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    when the fridge works for 1 hour after we stop it for 2 days it does a noice tac tac it was told to us that it might be the electronic part any idea

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  40. Dale Kessler
    Dale Kessler 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    My 25 ft. Whirlpool side by side will not crush the ice????

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  41. marian schvart
    marian schvart 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Please help me with installing part 2262185 in my Whirlpool Refrigerator ET8CHEXQ00 Thanks

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  42. Ryan Hall
    Ryan Hall 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Before u buy a new board if that is indeed what the problem is check out these guys at appliance solutionz with a z at the end. They are one of very few companies the only one i know of that can test the microprocessors on these boards. And repair them for less tha..half.the cost.of buying a new board. U send them your board fed ex and they.fix it and map it out to ensure it works like new. With a 99.9percent sucess rate they have saved my customers many times from having to throw out a perfectly good.refrigerator that cost them.thousands to.purchase. because the boards were.NLA (no longer available) but hopefully it is parts in your defrost system.

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  43. Ryan Hall
    Ryan Hall 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Either u have a defrost problem. Or a main board problem in either situation on this model the main board controls every thing i mean everything. Very problematic fridge. Good service call but as for a reliable cheap to fix no. Some of the boards for ktchen aid aka whirlpool refrigerators are NLA and can cost. Upwards of 1600$

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    RIKLASVEGAS 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    OMG! get to it already!

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  45. Dan Akeme
    Dan Akeme 22 June, 2022, 14:49

    Freezer and ice maker just stop working. water appears to flow okay. Please help!! The fan is rotating 

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