How to replace the keyboard on the HP 2000 Laptop

How to replace the keyboard on the HP 2000 Laptop

Replacing the keyboard on the HP 2000 laptop is fast and easy after you watch this video. The keyboard part number is 646125-001.

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  1. Dan Kenneth
    Dan Kenneth 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Thanks for the video. It was really helpful. I was able to fix my keyboard issue myself.

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  2. JanBorel Borel
    JanBorel Borel 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Narration to the video .? Thatd be helpful.

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  3. Loquetus
    Loquetus 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Why take the screws out from the back at all? seems you only needed to remove from the top only. Curious…..

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  4. Akeelah TF
    Akeelah TF 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    What size screwdriver did you use?

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  5. rgarito
    rgarito 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    If you are going to post videos like this, do some narration! Useless without it!

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  6. Kik Stitch
    Kik Stitch 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Not sure if you still around, but ty for the video. My problem is getting the keyboard to work when putting it back on. I have several keys on the right side of my keyboard that just don't want to work right after many attempts. Is there a trick?

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  7. GeminiPianist
    GeminiPianist 14 March, 2022, 14:16
  8. Wadley225
    Wadley225 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Would a little narration be asking too much?

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  9. st8pl8guy
    st8pl8guy 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    After removing the plastic cover. of the 5 screws you pointed to, only the 4th one at 0:41 needs to come out.

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  10. Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff Inc.
    Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff Inc. 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    +Jasmin Perez That is a Craftsman #0 Phillips Head I believe. It's also a magnetized screwdriver as well.

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  11. dave mcmanus
    dave mcmanus 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Very nice. Thank you. but what do you do when the little pice that flips up to release the keyboard cable has broken?

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  12. Large OOF
    Large OOF 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Does anyone know if I can just take individual keys off so I can clean it?

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  13. RANDOMS 15TH
    RANDOMS 15TH 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    ebay has them under 15 bucks

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  14. Christopher Hoadley
    Christopher Hoadley 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    All of these repairs are simple…if you know the procedure. If you don't know how, then they are not simple at all.


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  15. vaffanculo924
    vaffanculo924 14 March, 2022, 14:16
  16. Kione WinterHowl
    Kione WinterHowl 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    What is the part? All I saw was that small thing were you put in that and sort lock it in. Do I have to replace the whole keyboard? 

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  17. G1NGxEM
    G1NGxEM 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    can you install lights in the hp 2000 notebook keyborad??????

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  18. swisher111
    swisher111 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    this is easy to replace thanks to your video bob johnson

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  19. Pipilu Toby
    Pipilu Toby 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Hi Bob, great video,I believe it'll save me,only one question: my HP 2000 has an European style keyboard, but the replacement I can find are all US style (the "enter" is different). Does this matter? Can I use the US style? Thanks in advance for replying.

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  20. poot boy
    poot boy 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    thanks [email protected]! would a been screeeewed without this. (got mine on amazone for 14 shipped, btw)

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  21. Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff Inc.
    Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff Inc. 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    About $15 to $30. I found them all over the place after searching on google.

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  22. Britanny B
    Britanny B 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    do yyou have a guess to its coost ///?///

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  23. Casey Campbell
    Casey Campbell 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Bob you saved my college career

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  24. Casey Campbell
    Casey Campbell 14 March, 2022, 14:16

    Thank you! this was the easy answer no one could tell me thanks YouTube 🙂

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