How to Set Up Your GE Profile Opal Ice Maker

How to Set Up Your GE Profile Opal Ice Maker

Check out this video for detailed step-by-step instructions and set up your Opal Ice Maker in no time.

To learn more about the Opal Ice Maker from GE Profile, visit

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  1. Philip Litt
    Philip Litt 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    Does the ice maker need to be on the entire time? Or after the ice is made, I can power off and it keeps the ice cold?

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  2. Ramil Ramos
    Ramil Ramos 16 May, 2022, 03:16
  3. BG G
    BG G 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    Lasted 14 months. Worthless now.

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  4. Mr. Roboto
    Mr. Roboto 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    Does GE have a military discount?

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  5. myk moreno
    myk moreno 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    Are you able to hook up to refrigerator water line?

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  6. Mike Shepherd
    Mike Shepherd 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    So which tube goes to the side water?

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  7. Nicholas Pesa
    Nicholas Pesa 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    Do I need bleach?

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  8. Chevy Chase
    Chevy Chase 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    Like the music

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  9. Sophia R
    Sophia R 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    You didn’t let us know how to set up the side container!!

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  10. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    That's so funny, "the good ice." My sister and I always say that. They got "the good ice."

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  11. Eclectic Gentleman
    Eclectic Gentleman 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    A WiFi hookup video would be nice. It's a pain in the butt

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  12. Thomasj106
    Thomasj106 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    I've been considering this ice maker but I cannot seem to find the answer to my questions. Is this ice maker like my Keurig coffee maker where I have to refill the reservoir every day? If you don't use all of the ice every day does it melt and clump up so that I have to dump out the unused ice and start over? Thanks in advance for any light you can throw on my questions.

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  13. muchlub
    muchlub 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    I like the ice, im on day one.. many a cocktail is being made! Thanks for the vid, it helps to get thru the cleaning process.

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  14. Jeanette Allred
    Jeanette Allred 16 May, 2022, 03:16

    There are some missed instructions. One that seems obvious but isn't for some people, when attempting to drain take the Grey plastic holding cap off of the hoses. Don't tip it. JS it's heavy,

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