How to speed up a slow windows 10 computer

How to speed up a slow windows 10 computer

A few quick tips to speed up windows 10

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  1. Hollywood Bastards
    Hollywood Bastards 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    This Is great I just subscribed Friend!

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  2. Salma Osama
    Salma Osama 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Thank u so much u saved my laptop!!also oh yeah yeah

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  3. Debra Washington
    Debra Washington 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    How to know if its not the browser or wifi because I notice my system moves faster using Explorer and Chrome is awful but this is the browser I need to utilize so how can I make it faster. This vid needs to be updated cause can no longer get to the settings that way.

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  4. Mac OS X Mojave
    Mac OS X Mojave 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    I am real Windows 10.

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  5. Aesthetic
    Aesthetic 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Worked great!

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  6. DAZE77 Gaming
    DAZE77 Gaming 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Thanks man!!!

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    ZAOUI 4 EDUCATION 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover slow computer fix try Skyarza Faster PC Star (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got amazing results with it.

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  8. helhai
    helhai 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    thanks dude

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  9. Amar Mahara
    Amar Mahara 2 March, 2022, 23:53
  10. RetroScythe
    RetroScythe 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    is that a free product id? xD

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  11. N3kro •
    N3kro • 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Thnx ti worked alot but… What's the outro song?

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  12. Iman Limbu
    Iman Limbu 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    this really works

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  13. Iman Limbu
    Iman Limbu 2 March, 2022, 23:53
  14. Jannik Spath
    Jannik Spath 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    I bought a new gaming laptop with high specs and i was shocked, after it operated really slow. Even had the "no response" problem with the browser and so on, but with your tricks it actually solved it all, I think it was the power supply, like u mentioned. thx a lot, greetings from germany 🙂

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  15. User 2020
    User 2020 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    didn't do shit…

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  16. Krejzi 8
    Krejzi 8 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    thanks,worked for me

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  17. aryjuan
    aryjuan 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    I don't have power options

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  18. Ronald Valles
    Ronald Valles 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    thanks dude! i used advance settings performance and it works better now…thanks again!

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  19. Deepak Ram
    Deepak Ram 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Its Helpful Thank you so much!

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  20. Abdulrhman Almalki
    Abdulrhman Almalki 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    well, just in blink of an eye my computer got better performance . thanks for help

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  21. tim sanders
    tim sanders 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    damn it really helped tho

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  22. Alan Dillamore
    Alan Dillamore 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    My laptop runs like hell now, thanks!!! My font looked low res afterwards but clicked on "smooth edges on screen fonts" in advanced setting list and this resolved it. Thanks again!!

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  23. Harshal Sanjay
    Harshal Sanjay 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Worked ….Thank you very much!

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  24. PC Sanderv21v
    PC Sanderv21v 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    worked for me'

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  25. llewbach77
    llewbach77 2 March, 2022, 23:53

    Great video ! but my computer still struggles with the monstrosity that is windows 10!

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