HP Stream fourteen Notebook Evaluation – A sub $three hundred fourteen inch notebook computer with Beats Audio

HP Stream fourteen Notebook Evaluation – A sub $three hundred fourteen inch notebook computer with Beats Audio

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:09 – Hardware overview
1:40 – Beats audio overview
2:40 – Keyboard and trackpad overview
3:fifty eight – Battery daily life discussion
4:23 – Home windows eight overall performance discussion
4:53 – Gaming / 3DMark benchmark
five:twenty five – Portal 2 Demonstration
6:07 – Octane javascript benchmark
7:sixteen – Bloatware discussion
eight:06 – Conclusion and remaining thoughts

It is remarkable to see inexpensive Home windows PCs that are now competitive with very similar Chromebook devices. This one particular from HP performs pretty very well in most apps while its computational overall performance lags behind its 3D and gaming abilities.

The Stream has a fourteen” non-touchscreen exhibit with 2 gigs of RAM and a 32 gig solid condition drive. Neither are upgradeable. About 50 percent the drive’s capacity is taken up by running process and its recovery partition. So expect only about sixteen-seventeen gigabytes of totally free house. They deliver a totally free two yr membership to Microsoft’s cloud provider which will come with one hundred gigs of cloud storage.

Gaming overall performance is astonishing. The HP Stream scored above twenty,000 on the 3DMark pill activity overall performance check which is extremely respectable. It also extremely easily played Portal 2 at the Stream’s indigenous 1366×768 resolution and with anti aliasing turned on.

Web browsing overall performance was not as fantastic. The Stream scored decrease than most of the Chromebooks I’ve analyzed in the Google Octane Javascript check (working on Google Chrome). Web browsing overall performance is a bit sluggish but usable.

In general build high-quality is wonderful. The machine feels solid and is relatively light-weight excess weight at just less than 4 kilos. The keyboard is comfy and the keys are comprehensive sized. But the trackpad feels squishy and low-priced. And there are far too many gesture instructions that flip home windows all above the area that need to have to be shut off with no noticeable way to do it.

But over-all this laptop computer is a fantastic value and very well created. Devoid of even a cooling enthusiast it is fully solid condition.

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  1. Iqbal Abiyoga
    Iqbal Abiyoga 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Is this Hp 14 af118AU?

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  2. Cam cabbage
    Cam cabbage 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    could I make gaming videos for YouTube

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  3. Solo Aquire
    Solo Aquire 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Please tell me you can use a mouse!

    Reply this comment
  4. Taco
    Taco 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    This or the newer Stream 13 that's blue?

    Reply this comment
  5. Henry Roberts
    Henry Roberts 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Do you think that this would be able to run strategy games like Hearts of Iron 3 and the upcoming 4?

    Reply this comment
  6. RedSecret
    RedSecret 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    can i play Minecraft 1.8.8?

    Reply this comment
    EXTRONIC ' 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Does someone know how much euro this is? Pls anwser

    Reply this comment
  8. Homedog 123
    Homedog 123 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Is it good for gaming

    Reply this comment
  9. DaRealDeal
    DaRealDeal 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Can you show how to do a disassembly because the hard drive storage is really low and I want to replace it. please. Thank You

    Reply this comment
  10. Ervin Varnju
    Ervin Varnju 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Im geting this laptop is there any way to ubgrade the ram?

    Reply this comment
  11. fawaad ulla
    fawaad ulla 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    this laptop is not available anymore

    Reply this comment
  12. Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Sub 300? On amazon its FOUR HUNDRED FRIGGIN DOLLARS

    Reply this comment
  13. Ney Marlon
    Ney Marlon 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Is Minecraft playable ?

    Reply this comment
  14. Kedotoji Animation
    Kedotoji Animation 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Hey i have a question plz answer it, does the hp 14 has adobe flash player included?

    Reply this comment
  15. JustLarsGaming
    JustLarsGaming 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Does it have wifi or ethernet???

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  16. diogo magalhaes
    diogo magalhaes 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    i was wonder i need a new pc for the school and a game that i love called tanki online. can the hp stream 13 run that game at least 15 or 20 fps? its a browser game.

    Reply this comment
  17. Pakman14
    Pakman14 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    I can't decide whether to go for the hp stream 13 or the 14. I am using this for school use.

    Reply this comment
  18. 23impresion
    23impresion 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Can i remove the batery? With my other laptop, i remove the batery when i am in home, and i use it with the batery loader connected, but i don,t know if i can do it with this laptop. Thanks

    Reply this comment
  19. fawaad ulla
    fawaad ulla 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Is it available on your store???

    Reply this comment
  20. fawaad ulla
    fawaad ulla 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    You are awesome

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  21. Alex S
    Alex S 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Will this be able to run dota 2 and war frame?

    Reply this comment
  22. SmileyFace
    SmileyFace 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Will this run DayZ Standalone at least 30 fps?

    Reply this comment
  23. Isaak Mascorro
    Isaak Mascorro 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Can this run league of legends?

    Reply this comment
  24. tiko kheladze
    tiko kheladze 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    my touch-pad feels a little bit loose and every time I click, it starts moving… is this a real problem and should I try to exchange it, or this is the general problem? +Lon Seidman

    Reply this comment
  25. Shelly Belly on Board
    Shelly Belly on Board 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    can you use a mouse for your hp stream 11/13 please REPLY!!!!

    Reply this comment
  26. BasicEric
    BasicEric 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Hey, Lon. If I buy this laptop, will it be able to run Grand Theft Auto 5?

    Reply this comment
  27. William Anklew
    William Anklew 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Great information about this computer! I'm pending between this one and a few other models and this helped me to choose the right machine 🙂 Thanks again!

    Reply this comment
  28. Nathan Flowers
    Nathan Flowers 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    how do you insert a sd card does it have to be a sized for this computer or could I go to my local Walmart and buy a sd card. And with that sd card could I download a bigger game to the card and play it that way?

    Reply this comment
  29. sam dirkson
    sam dirkson 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Can the hp stream 13 run minecraft + optifine

    Reply this comment
  30. uwumarongie1
    uwumarongie1 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    If I were to do accounting on a laptop would this laptop be good to use 

    Reply this comment
  31. Martin Andy
    Martin Andy 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Hello, thanks for a great review!

    Would the performance of this notebook be OK to handle external monitor 21' for simple tasks such as internet browsing and MS Office? Thanks for the reply.

    Reply this comment
  32. Raven 4096
    Raven 4096 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    test space engineer's on it I dare you lol

    Reply this comment
  33. Josiah Turner
    Josiah Turner 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    emmc i thought it was SSD

    Reply this comment
  34. union rock
    union rock 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    What do you suggest I do for the storage. (cheaply)

    Reply this comment
  35. thehotsung8701A
    thehotsung8701A 3 February, 2016, 08:51


    I think I'll stick with the Stream 11 because it too tempting to get the Stream 13 with free 200mb of internet per month for the rest of the device life at an increase cost.

    Reply this comment
  36. thehotsung8701A
    thehotsung8701A 3 February, 2016, 08:51


    Also why is the Stream 14 the same price as the Stream 13 at $230?

    Reply this comment
  37. thehotsung8701A
    thehotsung8701A 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    I don't get it?  It has a worst processor than the Stream 11 and 13 yet it has a better GPU?  That really don't make sense, that a head scratch er.  Also love your video and subscribed!

    Reply this comment
  38. ByTheTimeYouHaveFinishedReadingMyLongUsernameIHaveTakenYourBagel
    ByTheTimeYouHaveFinishedReadingMyLongUsernameIHaveTakenYourBagel 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    I want to buy this laptop but I also like the stream 11, I want to play minecraft and maybe black ops 2 on the laptop. Which one would run the two games better? (I would also like to do class work on it and web browsing too). 

    Reply this comment
  39. Freaak.
    Freaak. 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    What performs better hp stream 14 or 13 , the specs are better on 14 , 13 has a shitty graphics card and worse cpu and gpu

    Reply this comment
  40. Aj Emad
    Aj Emad 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    Hey Lon,I just wanted to ask you if hp stream 14 was better for gaming or hp stream 13 (I know neither of them are meant for gaming but performance wise which one was more powerful and could run games with better graphics) thanks for your videos 🙂 keep it up

    Reply this comment
  41. RetorikMalaya
    RetorikMalaya 3 February, 2016, 08:51

    does anyone here experienced how this thing works with adobe photoshop, lightroom, illustrator etc?or even the likes of after effect, vegas etc? share your experience please

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