Jeff Has Trouble Buying a Home Theater System | TransUnion

Jeff Has Trouble Buying a Home Theater System | TransUnion

Do Jeff’s financial habits allow him to get an extra discount with a new store credit card? See if you’re like Jeff.

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VO: This is Jeff.

Jeff tried purchasing a new home theatre system and applied for a store card to get an extra discount, but he was declined.

VO: Jeff is financially irresponsible and often spends more than he earns. He makes late payments or doesn’t make them at all. He has high balances on a bunch of credit cards, and frequently signs up for new retail credit card deals. He doesn’t know how to budget the money he has or how to save.

VO: So, what can Jeff do to improve his credit health and chances of getting that shiny new home theatre system?

He can use a smaller percentage of his available credit, only use a credit card when he can afford to pay it off, pay his bills no matter what, limit the number of new credit cards he signs up for and sign up for a credit monitoring service to keep an eye on his credit.

… Then Jeff could be taking in flicks and listening to his favorite tunes in no time.

VO: Visit and learn how you can help improve your credit health.

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