Kitchen Renovation Project: Day Seven Appliances And Installation

Kitchen Renovation Project: Day Seven Appliances And Installation

My New York City apartment is getting a badly needed kitchen renovation. I’ve torn out the old cabinets and appliances and will be replacing them with cabinets, counters, refrigerator and a sink from Ikea along with a new stove, microwave range hood, and a dishwasher from Sears. Today started very early because I was the first delivery stop and Sears was coming with appliances and then the work of installation began.

This wave of the project is focused on the basics and the electrical work. Later I want to dress things up with a tile backsplash, a new floor, and some under-cabinet task lighting.

The delivery truck showed up just a few minutes after 8am today and dropped off the appliances. I got up a little after 6am to finish up my work of caulking cracks and priming the plaster work. When the delivery arrived, I was ready.

After I took a few minutes to admire the new appliances and how well they fit into the new kitchen, I set to work on the final installation work.

There are no truly square or level surfaces in an apartment with hand plastered walls. This reality makes every step of the installation process just a bit more challenging. Plus, the finishing work is more detailed and takes more time than demolition .

I got the base cabinets installed on the left side with the sink in place. I’ve also got the wall cabinets built and ready to go.

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