KitchenAid Brand Presents The Marks

KitchenAid Brand Presents The Marks

Everything makers do in the kitchen leaves a meaningful mark. Whether making meals or memories, it all can be done with KitchenAid.

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    BOUBULLE 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    This Ad make me feel happy and new year in the life of everyday for the gribouille mélanchon
    The scenario is caramel beurre salement salon
    For the Fouque, every fouque
    Ciao bye cimer les rheys

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  2. Jersey Hudson
    Jersey Hudson 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    What a beautiful video

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  3. Janafernandes805
    Janafernandes805 22 June, 2022, 20:57
    TOM PIPPS 22 June, 2022, 20:57


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  5. Maithili Tawde
    Maithili Tawde 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Surprisingly one of the worst companies when it comes customer service for a known brand like KitchenAid.
    Received a damage product and yet no promptness in service and casual and laid back approach towards the Enquiries raised.
    Very disappointing experience in terms of support team.

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  6. Patricc
    Patricc 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    does anyone know the music used in this ad?

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  7. Mr D
    Mr D 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Kitchen Aid has closed it Greenville Ohio store, I'm done with Kitchen Aid.

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  8. Ethan Steiner
    Ethan Steiner 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    I love my KitchenAid Classic Plus stand mixer! This April it will be 2 years since I've had it😊

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  9. Sherralyn Hintz
    Sherralyn Hintz 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Absolute worst product out there!! NEVER BUY FROM KITCHEN AID!!!!

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  10. Matthew Alcala
    Matthew Alcala 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    When you have to watch an ad for school

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  11. Naomi and Corvin
    Naomi and Corvin 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    This ad is so compelling, wow 😍

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  12. tyquan fleming
    tyquan fleming 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Anime 🍵 anyone

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  13. DonJuanzito
    DonJuanzito 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    I don't know how I got here? Thumbs up anyways

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  14. Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Great video 👍👍

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  15. Blue Bell Rising
    Blue Bell Rising 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    i thought it was mark as in Markiplier, the mixing machine
    srsly though my little sister is in absolute love with baking and she loves our KitchenAid mixer so. They’ve got some good stuff y’all

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  16. Adam Neetoo
    Adam Neetoo 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    I love my KitchenAid , it’s so handy

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    MELVA MILLBERRY 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    I need kitchenaid to make utensils for all the color mixers they have like birds of prey, canopy green, well just all of the colors , even if by special order.

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  18. Zombiepm3
    Zombiepm3 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    I just wanna know what the music is

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  19. Rio
    Rio 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Universally the heaviest fridges that I have had to bring up to the second floor of a split level house…

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  20. Be Ice Cream Or Be Nothing
    Be Ice Cream Or Be Nothing 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Love our Kitchenaid! Had it for 5 years and and it’s never once let us down 🙂 made some really good ice cream thanks to it!

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  21. Hoops Science 916
    Hoops Science 916 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Battle Bay brought me here. Can’t figure out why they market this on a video game app. I haven’t cooked in 8yrs and don’t plan on it ever but ‘these are the marks of a maker’ is on repeat in my brain

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  22. Lil Aaronson
    Lil Aaronson 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Incredibles music

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  23. ov7 Love
    ov7 Love 22 June, 2022, 20:57

    Hermoso ❤️

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