Klipsch Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Review | Massive Sound

Klipsch Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Review | Massive Sound

The Klipsch Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Soundbar means business, and I don’t mean funny business. This soundbar is in the business of bringing the party. Everything about it is huge, including the price. But does it sound as big as it looks? Will it impact your living room as powerfully as it will impact your pocketbook? Can it bring Dolby Atmos into your home in a way that a smaller, less expensive soundbar can’t? Also, at what point should you just get a receiver and speakers and deal with some speaker wire? We’re going to find out.

Buy the Klipsch Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Soundbar here:

0:00 – Intro
1:21 – Massive Footprint
2:27 – The Soundbar
2:49 – Huge LED Display
3:12 – HDMI Inputs
3:31 – Surround Speakers
3:58 – Space Saving?
4:20 – Remote
4:29 – Subwoofer
5:20 – Klipsch App
5:45 – How Does It Sound?
6:40 – Drawbacks
7:16 – Final Thoughts



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  1. Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    If the 600 is a beast I can only imagine the 1200. Want it but the price is really up there.

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  2. rahul Dewan
    rahul Dewan 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Hey bud, are you reviewing samsung q990b anytime soon ?

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  3. Josh
    Josh 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Domestic partner hmmmmm. Are you family? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. solnasonen
    solnasonen 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    So how did it go with the updates to the app? Thinking of buying this and use it with my LG CX and Xbox series-x. Problem is I keep finding bad reviews for this product from people using it for this purpose. Did they fix the lack of DTS-X support? Should I wait for the Onkyo TX-RZ50 to be available and go the receiver rout?

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  5. Shawn Cote
    Shawn Cote 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Thinking about buying this! Have they updated the app so you have better control of the Sub and center channel speakers?!

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  6. dunno yolo
    dunno yolo 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Would you recommend this over LG SP9YA and Im using a LG C1 65'' OLED Tv ? Or the Cinema 800 model ?

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  7. Marty Green
    Marty Green 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    I purchased the Klipsch 48 inch sound bar with the 8 inch woofer a few yrs back and this thing kicks BUTT!! I have it under a 75 inch Samsung big screen and in a large room (approx 20 x 18) and the thing rocks! I was looking at the Samsung Q950 sound bar system too. But now Klipsch has this Beastly Cinema 1200 out now.

    Like Digital Trend host said; thereโ€™s just something about owning a Klipsch. To me Klipsch is like a bad ass BMW! ๐Ÿ˜‚. And it sounds like it too!

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  8. Nyder
    Nyder 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Why doesn't this support DTS? I have so much content that is DTS-HD/DTS/DTS;X. What happens if you play DTS content, does it just not play the audio track?

    Why does everyone say DTS isn't important when so many releases use this audio codec.

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  9. Nathan el king Dogo mojica
    Nathan el king Dogo mojica 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    No ๐Ÿ‘Ž

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  10. Se Vik
    Se Vik 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    It was usefull to see your review. ๐Ÿ‘Œ I have intents to buy this soundbar but have some doubts. I used Samsung Q950A before, and I was almost happy. Sometime it was not enough bass from subwoofer. But sound picture was really great. Does this Klipsch has automatic calibration of the space (room) and will it be really much better that samsung. And does it have equlizer? and is it possible convenient and simple to regulate it from gadget or its own remote control is enough and perfect?

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  11. HFC Insurance Leading to Win & A Minute with Marty
    HFC Insurance Leading to Win & A Minute with Marty 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    I have a 2018 Samsung tv that does have ARC or eArc. Normal HDMI. Will the CINEMA 1200 SOUND BAR still work?

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  12. Darryl Vidds
    Darryl Vidds 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Soundbar were a bargain against home theaters, but for me, home theaters were better

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  13. MrChadder007
    MrChadder007 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Why is there no DTS support? Did Klipsch not want to pay for licensing or is it a software issue or missing chip issue due to the chip shortage??

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  14. Alexaoo
    Alexaoo 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Is soundbar better than home theater's? That's my question

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  15. Art Ramos
    Art Ramos 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    re: where one first heard surround sound?…in a Cinerama theater at Astroworld, Houston in the 70's…

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  16. Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    1200 watts peak sounds a lot, but it really isn't when you divide it up into the amount of drivers in this rig. I would say that Klipsch know exactly how many watts was needed.

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  17. Con 27
    Con 27 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    How does the Bose 900 with a sub woofer compare to the Klipsch 1200?

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  18. Greg Crezee
    Greg Crezee 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    I like the convenience of a soundbar set up, when streaming apps, live tv etc. Now, when playing a 4k/blu ray, then we turn on our av system. It's a 16 speaker, 4 sub, all separate power amplification!! Old school rules. We don't even use the klispch sub. We use our own. Wish they would sell the package, with the option of not taking the sub. But, oh well. Thanks for the vid.

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  19. Alessandro Filippi
    Alessandro Filippi 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    I cannot stand soundbars that cannot get the app right. That's why Sonos is so popular. They get software as well as hardware. Until the software is reliably excellent they get no money from me.

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  20. merzier jason
    merzier jason 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Can I connect it with Bose surround sounds as well with the sound bar and the subwoofer???

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  21. Felipe Perez
    Felipe Perez 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    I wanted to know how the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 and the Module 700 subwoofer and 2 Bose surround speakers would stack up against the Klipsch 1200 Dolby Atmos system.

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  22. Chad Bednarczyk
    Chad Bednarczyk 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    So probably a recurring question but how does something like this compare to a Klipsch 5.1.4 stand alone speaker system with a 1500 dollar atmos receiver? Is there usually a compromise in sound quality when going to a all in one system vs a stand alone system and only negative is complexity with wire? I have about 2300 to spend and its between this sound bar and a klipsch reference cinema system 5.1.4 speaker setup with a denon x3700h.

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  23. Cotivity
    Cotivity 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Soundbars are the Chipotle of sound setups. Convenient, BUT it'll never satisfy.

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  24. Always Right
    Always Right 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    NO DTS:X no way I would buy…

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  25. Alex Schick
    Alex Schick 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Review the Sony HT-A7000 please

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  26. Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    You recently reviewed the Sony HT-A9. If you could only get one, which one and why?

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  27. Sean Nystul
    Sean Nystul 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Awesome review and analogies! But whatโ€™s the price?

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  28. Gramba
    Gramba 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    if the soundbar is only about 3 meters away from me / rear speaker. is this soundbar worth it? for dolby atmos. i was thinking about teufel lux 5.1 but they dont have atmos. teufel has only dynamore.

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  29. Theo Westerveld
    Theo Westerveld 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Sennheiser Ambeo the best soundbar ever. Expensiv but I love it. Thanks for your good job!

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  30. Nerlakanti Naveen
    Nerlakanti Naveen 9 May, 2022, 19:30

    Awesome content

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