L2045w White Screen Repair

L2045w White Screen Repair

This is a step by step video to walk you through repairing this type of monitor if you are having the “White Screen” issue. The problem with this monitor is a small ribbon cable that is located deep inside the monitor. When this cable comes loose, the white display is the result. Be advised that I’m not a repair tech and if you’re going to be doing this kind of repair, you do so at your own risk (ie. damage to your hardware, electric shock, etc.).

I uploaded this video because when I was searching for a fix online I couldn’t locate any information about this. So hopefully this can help you. This isn’t my best camera work, but it was hard to hold the camera and use the tools. Please be kind in the remarks and Good Luck!

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  1. ivy league
    ivy league 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    My 27' Acer monitor has the white screen going on so I took it apart but the ribbon cables are locked in, kind where you have to depress the tabs. So I'm guessing the ribbon cable itself must be shot? Any help appreciated

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  2. MasterMind Gamer
    MasterMind Gamer 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    My 60 inch Vizio tv doing the same thing white screen can it be the tcon board cable isn't plugged in good?Help please Thanks

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  3. izuchukwu charles
    izuchukwu charles 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    please I need to learn more from this repairs

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  4. JustALowlyCommenter
    JustALowlyCommenter 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    I opened my monitor case and the cable was connected, is there any other way something could cause this? Any help would be appreciated. (BTW I have a Dell S2209Wb if that helps anyone)

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  5. Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    had this today on a philips 227. which was 2 days old.

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  6. Alpha Kanno
    Alpha Kanno 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Does this work on Samsungs? I have a 19 inch tv with this issue.

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  7. Connie Fink
    Connie Fink 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    This worked very well..  I had a Hanns G HH191 that had the white screen issue… When I took it apart I found that the ribbon cable had worked its way out of the circuit board that contained the DVI-D and vga connectors.  This monitor was one the neighbor had tossed out.. I managed to rescue it before the garbage man came..   Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

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  8. Average Xavi
    Average Xavi 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Nice multi-tool i have the same model from Gerber

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  9. Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Does this method work with LG TV or just monitors? I got the white screen on my LG 37 inch and just about to open it up and check for that loose cable. Hope your video helps me out. I'll report back.

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  10. Michal Böhm
    Michal Böhm 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Thanks, it was solution for my LG M2280

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    MAYER MAKES 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    here is my Version for the same Issue on Laptops:

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  12. demos theodorides
    demos theodorides 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    thank you,i fix my lg with your directions

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    WAEL OMAR 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    i have bad color in same this screen >> what  can i do 

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  14. Desy Lolly
    Desy Lolly 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    thank bro.!!! very good information..

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  15. Brendan Rivera
    Brendan Rivera 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    i have the same problem but the desktop has a line like thing on my screen then when i restart my pc the cpu starts blinking pls tell me how to fix it tnx

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  16. Log
    Log 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Do you know how to fix smeared lines across a monitor? I have a dell 2007WPF

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  17. ksojoel
    ksojoel 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Hi dude, do you know if this also solve the problems that causes permanent color vertical lines? I'm sure it's a hardware problem because it happens even if the monitor isn't connected to pc.

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  18. Harley Torres Rodriguez
    Harley Torres Rodriguez 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    I have one of the same but will not start. It could be the power button I have not OPEN ..

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  19. Harley Torres Rodriguez
    Harley Torres Rodriguez 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Tengo uno de esos mismos pero no enciende . Podra ser el boton de encendido todaVIA NO LO E ABIERTO..

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  20. puppandi
    puppandi 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    I brought LG LCD 24" two week ago. today this Issue is coming. 2 weeks !! I cant believe it.

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  21. Ruby the Cavy
    Ruby the Cavy 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Totally worked, got 24" 1080p monitor for free. Thanks.

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  22. Jojo Gregorio
    Jojo Gregorio 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    i suggest you can use pick guitar to prevent damage on cover.

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  23. Jojo Gregorio
    Jojo Gregorio 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    some other issue on that white screen error is the chips on the main board..your lucky that the cable is the only culprit,that's easy to repair.

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  24. Willard Campos
    Willard Campos 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Nice Video, Last time I had this "White Screen" problem the technician charged me a lot of money.

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  25. Steve Murphy
    Steve Murphy 10 January, 2022, 01:11

    Thanks for sharing this– just had this happen to a monitor we use in the field. (Acer x203H in my case). Problem was identical! And noticed it has a Samsung panel inside as well. Thanks for the heads up– much easier fix to check than getting into capacitors on the power board.

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