Laptop Tray Amazon Product Review

Laptop Tray Amazon Product Review

Quick video showcasing/unboxing/first thoughts of the Laptop Tray. In this section of my channel I will put various Amazon Products under actual normal testing and give the Pros and Cons.

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Ive used this tray about 4 times in bed and so far i have a bit of issues.
1. adjusting is tedious too many angles and all alot dont even work for the bed scene or couch scene
2. the setup for the bed is different than the couch setup. So its annoying to have to change it
3. not as stable as i hoped. It seemed that no matter what logical setup i tried, it was on a tetor totter waiting to tip over.
4. its strong and has good click locking
5. the mouse tray is very useful
6. the fans work well but i prefer not to use them

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