Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2022) Review – Best Business 2-in-1 Laptop?

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2022) Review – Best Business 2-in-1 Laptop?

Review of the 2022 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga. This is the 7th gen of lenovos convertible business laptop. It was updated with the latest 12th gen intel processors. But is it worth it?

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  1. Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    What do you think of the 7th gen 2022 ThinkPad X1? Also, if you missed it I reviewed a water cooled laptop which you can find here – https://youtu.be/a9-4WvbI4LQ

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  2. Леонід Мельник
    Леонід Мельник 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Make a gift for a teacher from Ukraine

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  3. Andreas Hadjiantonis
    Andreas Hadjiantonis 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    "Please take away the nipple". r/thinkpad disagrees with you. Please stop reviewing thinkpads from a normie POV. thx.

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  4. Caleb
    Caleb 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Keep your leftist talking points out of what should be a completely non-political subject.

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  5. munchy
    munchy 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    I NEVER WATCH CONTENT ON LAPTOP MODE EXEPT ON TOILET. WHEN IN BATH ITS KEYBOARD DOWN TO GET A GREAT ANGLE AND ALL OTHER INSTANCES WATCHING CONTENT IS IN TENT MODE. Personally its the reason i bought a two in one and without it i wouldnt bother. i have my first laptop and its a 9i yoga 2021 version. was gona get the updated one but hate yes hate there is no pen attched to laptop like the old one. if i was a proper artist then yes id go get a proper pen and sleave but to not have the basic pen in a hole in laptop is very disapointing and cost them a sale. a flash sale that is. i have the big i7 chip with 1 tb storeage and 16 gig ram with the black leather and it cost me 800 uk pounds new from lenova. so big wow.

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  6. Gudang Garam
    Gudang Garam 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    5:29 LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  7. Nikbos
    Nikbos 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Please, do not mention trackpoint every again, trackpoint is the best invention in human history.

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  8. Antonio Chavez
    Antonio Chavez 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    I would have to disagree with the hot take of the track point, I'd rather sacrifice the size of the track pad as a track pad can not be operated when the skin of the hand isn't exposed and there's no conductive surface making contact with the track pad, a track point though doesn't rely on conductivity, thus can be used with a glove.

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  9. Christ the way, truth, life
    Christ the way, truth, life 24 June, 2022, 09:10


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  10. Thanhtacles
    Thanhtacles 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Nooooo keep the nipple! #JusticeForNipples

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  11. Mkc SMAR
    Mkc SMAR 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    At 1:42…Touching Nipple… Is so smooth… Men of Culture… 😁😅😂

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  12. Bob Leung
    Bob Leung 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Disagree. Touching nipples never gets old. There will always be a need to touch nipples.

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  13. Adib Rahman
    Adib Rahman 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    The trackpoint is the essence of the Thinkpad and the reason why people love it.

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  14. tdebug
    tdebug 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    The last lenovo I even had in my life was the X1 yoga 3rd gen. This is a business series for which they offer 3 years warranty. But over the 3 years I had to replace motherboard 3 times, because 2 times in a row they replaced it with a faulty motherboard. 1st replacement had one the two 8GB ram chips failed (soldered) and the 2nd replacement had video output failed. Lenovo clearly doesn't have any quality control in their warranty department. The sad part of the story is when they replaced the MB 3rd time, it was finally in a working condition, but they managed to break the keyboard retraction mechanism (X1 3rd gen had that) and since the warranty ended few days after, they denied any responsobility and offered me a paid service – to fix what they broke.

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  15. Roqeeb Adedeji
    Roqeeb Adedeji 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    i want one but like most one cannot afford one 😂

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  16. Joven Chiew
    Joven Chiew 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Trackpoint is still there for field people who needs to wear gloves

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  17. Patricio Zor
    Patricio Zor 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Tough hill to choose to die on. The track point is part of the ThinkPad's DNA and we all love it!

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  18. herozero777
    herozero777 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Tent mode comment: I would use it when/ if gaming, the cooling is so much better that way.
    Also I would use it if in tent mode the linux had better support. Linux and pen is terrible on convertible devices. I wish it was better so that people could use it more flexibly.

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  19. Egbuna Obata
    Egbuna Obata 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Hello Matthew, please I'm looking for an excellent programming laptop for my daughter.

    What would you recommend?


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  20. Amr Salem
    Amr Salem 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Tx for the review

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  21. brah
    brah 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Love the trackpoint and dedicated mouse buttons. I use them all the time and think they're part of the thinkpad DNA. That said, I love my X1 Yoga gen 6, but absolutely hate the keyboard. I don''t mind the reduced key travel, its the increased force now required to press down the keys that makes typing on it a chore.

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  22. Edgar Alejandro Villegas
    Edgar Alejandro Villegas 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    I like the nipple.

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  23. El Capitan
    El Capitan 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Every time I like thinkpad specs on paper, but then I runaway from the red nipple from the dark ages of 2003

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  24. Mark Burst
    Mark Burst 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    i'm gonna be generous and assume you were being genuine in mentioning Donnie in HR at 5:40, but why bother if you're not even gonna gender them properly? Some nonbinary folks do accept all pronouns, but wouldn't nonbinary Donnie probably happiest with they/them? makes it seem hollow as if it was a joke you made in passing that you happened to upload to youtube.

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  25. Sebastian Jost
    Sebastian Jost 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    For just watching content I use tent mode quite often actually. The laptop takes up a lot less desk space while in tent mode, which is great when you're doing something else.
    I also use tent mode for gaming with a controller occasionally because it makes the laptop run more quietly and keeps it slightly cooler.

    However my new Flow X13 has some issues where it occasionally just won't rotate the screen unless I restart it. Therefore I use tent mode less than I usually would right now.

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  26. Joao Pereyra
    Joao Pereyra 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    you can use the tent mode to place it in your desktop as part of your setup as a secondary screen while you work on an external monitor as your primary screen, that way tent mode not only would let you have a cleaner view without the laptop keyboard but also save you from having to use a laptop stand since it stands vertically on it's own.

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  27. Josué López
    Josué López 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    I have a lenovo from the yoga line from last year. The brushed finish on the sides looks nice, but it scratches everywhere. The ports get the most scratches as when trying to charge it or plug something in there is no way to do it without the type-c touching the sides of the port first. And it only takes type c to touch brushed metal for it to scratch it. You have to be very, very careful when connecting things because otherwise it will scratch. I would have liked to know this before buying it.

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  28. Ashura Mamun
    Ashura Mamun 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Please do the X1 carbon

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  29. jakovd
    jakovd 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Completely agree with nipple and mouse buttons. Lenovo makes great devices but they need to think this over again. Also, I know ThinkPad logo is what it is, but anyone with any design experience will be bothered as hell with its 45 degree tilt. It is just not visually pleasing thing to see any more.

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  30. Vitus Yu
    Vitus Yu 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    bit expensive, also, tablet mode is not good to use with Windows. I'd rather go for the regular X1 carbon.

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  31. Jianyu Hua
    Jianyu Hua 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    The thermal sucks. But the yoga instead. Your benchmark score is kinda off. I tested the 9i in R23 with multi core score of 10267

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  32. Ian Fox
    Ian Fox 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    save the alphabet people pandering when you go through your made up scenerios of who would buy it

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  33. Miguel Madrigal
    Miguel Madrigal 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    I use tent mode in my small kitchen to watch content when I’m cooking. It takes up less counter space.

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  34. 191
    191 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    This [Page up], [Page down] placement though.. What is the reason for that other than to make me smash the whole thing into pieces, when I accidently hit one, and buy a different notebook?
    So stupid! Shame on the person who came up with this! Engineer..

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  35. Ishtiaque Hussain
    Ishtiaque Hussain 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    LOL!! I haven't seen anyone use tent mode yet!!

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  36. Martin
    Martin 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Did someone already try installing Linux on this machine? Would like to run it with dual Windows/Linux installation.

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  37. Martin
    Martin 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Since you asked about who uses tent mode. I am using my Yoga notebook with the keyboard folded back nearly every day: I put the Yoga on a stand to elevate the monitor and connect my mechanical keyboard and BT mouse, so it becomes sort of a portable desktop replacement. On the other hand, I didn't use it as a tablet a single time in 3 years.

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    P. ARTHUR RILEY 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Great review. But I’m hoping the new AMD 6000 series mobile cpus become options for this very impressive and capable business laptop.

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  39. tnetroP
    tnetroP 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    No trackpoint, no Thinkpad for me. If they get rid of it then there is no reason for me to stay with a Thinpad.

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  40. Dayfall Coffee
    Dayfall Coffee 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Will you be getting your hands on the asus flow x16?

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  41. James Cassar
    James Cassar 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    2100 for Integrated graphics, a small track pad, and a full HD ips panel? Passsssssssssss

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  42. Josiah Moorhouse
    Josiah Moorhouse 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    This machine would make so much more sense with a 6800U. Alas, Intel has paid off the OEMs to ensure that AMD remains in the doghouse when it comes to premium configurations, designs, features, and screens.

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  43. Interceptor
    Interceptor 24 June, 2022, 09:10

    Have you ever tried using a notebook with gloves or have you ever tried to use it while standing? That’s what the nipple is for! Not for sitting at home 😂

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