Lenovo Z510 in-depth evaluation 15” portable notebook

Lenovo Z510 in-depth evaluation 15” portable notebook

I forgot to mention the bodyweight which is four.9 pounds which is all jointly not that hefty.
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convey to me which laptops you would like me to evaluation, sick add the y510p evaluation before long 😀

Lenovo Z510 Specs
Processor Core i7-4700MQ
GPU Intel High definition 4600
Tough travel 1TB HDD
Display screen fifteen.6” gossy High definition 1366×768
OS Windows eight 64 Little bit
Price tag $599-$949 (as of add day in Canada)

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  1. payatotslim
    payatotslim 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    performance in adobe premiere cc?

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  2. Salah Dahleh
    Salah Dahleh 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    which best of Z510 idea pad OR E540 think pad core i7for working Linux and oracle database and much faster

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  3. Anand Yadav
    Anand Yadav 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i have this & its best since 1 year am using it

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  4. Pantzio
    Pantzio 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    It's Win8 not 7 on the laptop helloooo!!!

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  5. Alireza Ali
    Alireza Ali 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    it is good lap top for typing

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  6. Kebin Castro
    Kebin Castro 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    does this have wifi connectivity?

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  7. Amir Lamri
    Amir Lamri 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    im so confused with this and lenovo G5070 with AMD radeon 2g graphics and 6g of ram ?? :/ but this one came with nvidia  …..

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  8. Malcolm Light
    Malcolm Light 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Hi I hope you reply to my comment @GameCompare..i really liked this laptop but i am scared cause many people said after few month of use (some said 3 month) the motherboard died..and some lost the battery too..can yu tell me how is your laptop after 8 month of use plzzzzz

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  9. Jai
    Jai 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i see your masturbating station with petroleum jelly and tissue box 

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  10. 345kll
    345kll 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    How do you turn on the keybord lights ? I have the same model and I do not have illuminated buttons

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  11. Amox
    Amox 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    If only it didn't had a shit TN display.

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  12. Karen Vardanian
    Karen Vardanian 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    ANYONE!! please respond. Is two finger scrolling in excel 2010 very fast for you?

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  13. othman ALGhamdi
    othman ALGhamdi 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Is battery removable ?

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  14. SHiro Hige
    SHiro Hige 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    which one is better this laptop or Z40 laptop. some of my friend suggest me to buy Z40

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  15. Claudia Faita
    Claudia Faita 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    thanks for the review. Could you specify the code number of your Lenozo z510 laptop?

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  16. Tala Sharaf
    Tala Sharaf 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    I played Saints Row IV on it with medium graphics. No lag at all.
    The laptop is amazing so far.

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  17. zombiedeutsch
    zombiedeutsch 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    are your speakers uneven ? sound is stronger on my right sspeaker

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  18. Nour Nizar
    Nour Nizar 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i have the same laptop but with NvidiaGeForce 740m is it better 

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  19. Mahathir Amirudin
    Mahathir Amirudin 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i bought Z50 . And the design is exactly the same with z510 but the processor is a little bit disappoiting that is i7-4100U. But z50 has a better graphic with  NVIDIA GT 840 4GB Graph / 1920 x 1080 Pixel, but still it suck for me.

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  20. Wanderer
    Wanderer 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Hey!! Could you please review Lenovo Ideapad Z510 (59-405838) for me?? I'm thinking of buying it…Thanks

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  21. utkarsh sethi (anon-ustone07)
    utkarsh sethi (anon-ustone07) 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    hey need some advice from you 

    Lenovo IdeaPad Z510 (59-398016) Laptop (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB 8GB SSD/ Win8.1/ NVIDIA GT 740 2GB Graph / 1366 x 768 Pixel)


    Lenovo Ideapad Y510P (59-389687) Laptop (4th Gen Ci5/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ NVIDIA GT 750 2GB Graph / 1920 x 1080 Pixel)

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  22. Wilson Tang
    Wilson Tang 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    why is Intel HD graphic?
    Mine is 4th Gen i5
    wind 8.1
    Dual layer Multiburner Drive
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
    15.6" HD Anti-Glare WLED
    4 Cell ion Battery
    1 USB 2.0, 2USB 3.0, HDMI, Card Reader, VGA and LAN

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  23. Pixel Man
    Pixel Man 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    I heard this model use fast ethernet rather use gigabit ethernet. Does it effect download speed? (direct download and torrent) 

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  24. Drew Jamrose
    Drew Jamrose 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    I am trying to get a new laptop for college. I was looking at this one… The only gaming I do is League of Legends. Would i be able to run this on high graphics?

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  25. Jake Hickey
    Jake Hickey 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Can you play things like lol on it

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  26. jorge chin
    jorge chin 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Will it lag when you play League Of Legend? 

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  27. Jessica Kay
    Jessica Kay 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    I want this laptop for work but also for gaming (the Sims mainly). My old laptop lags so much I can't play any games on it so would this be good for this sort of thing?

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  28. xaniared
    xaniared 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    kala eisai malakas den evales karta grafikon sta specs?

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  29. spooker85
    spooker85 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    gaming performance reduces after unplugging.. i tried high Performance power plan bt it didnt work

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  30. BboyKonstant
    BboyKonstant 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Would you recommend this, z710 or g710? For light gaming, video editing and college work?

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  31. Lovashuszar
    Lovashuszar 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    hi, what type of swatch do you have?

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  32. Shubham Rana
    Shubham Rana 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    it is worst laptop i had ever seen 
    performance of laptop and graphics both are lagging on battery
    and smooth on plug in. 
    and lenovo said againnst that it is not issues 
    it is normal with a laptop because the battery cannot give their 100% power!
    if it is a normal with a it 
    then why you it is a portable it is just waste of money.please don't buy it
    lenovo is worst company.
    i hate it


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  33. Shahid Mahsood
    Shahid Mahsood 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Hi. Thank You for the review, I am thinking of buying an ideapad. Just need to know how does the hinges hold? Are they good? Because if they are not good then it would mean a shaky display with even the slightest touches and that can get on anyone's nerve.  

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  34. Wajdi Ben Hamad
    Wajdi Ben Hamad 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    is this can be like a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p ?

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  35. Abhinav Goel
    Abhinav Goel 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    What do you suggest?
    Y510 or Z510?
    Little gaming, not too much!

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  36. Bigbang “VIP Blackjack” VIP
    Bigbang “VIP Blackjack” VIP 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i just bought this laptop 2days ago and yes! i love this ^_^ im a 3rd year information technology student.

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  37. Daniel Sandstrom
    Daniel Sandstrom 26 March, 2016, 19:34
  38. RichaTopChannel
    RichaTopChannel 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Very good video, I bought a Lenovo Z510 and noticed that the numeric keypad area on the right side when pressing on the key unde like a little, also happens in yours? Greetings.

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  39. Lingasamy Ponnuvel
    Lingasamy Ponnuvel 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    How is the quality of webcam

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  40. Awesome Admirak
    Awesome Admirak 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Just one thing, I heard on other websites that it can run skyrim at medium settings at 37 FPS, so i think you may have been underestimating the gaming capabilities

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  41. joellali
    joellali 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    what is up with the horrible colors on the lenovos ??  the white on the inside is just awful-looking. great computers bu mine is z570 dark purple outside and inside on keyboard and screen. just cant get beyond the white there on all their ideapad models.

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  42. iTech Galaxy
    iTech Galaxy 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    I use Levono z510 too but i don have keyboard backlight.
    I don know why ?

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  43. Mafi Hazlinsky
    Mafi Hazlinsky 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    tissues on the bed :D

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  44. To The Floor!
    To The Floor! 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    What's going on with the tissue on the bed. Hah!  ;)

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  45. XelaA.J
    XelaA.J 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i was going to get y510p but it was too expensive… :(

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  46. Ronnie P. Thomas
    Ronnie P. Thomas 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    It's not a DVI, it's a VGA!!

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  47. Tj Cadelina
    Tj Cadelina 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    i can play battlfield 4 on medium to high settings of 40 fps, it's a mid range gaming pc :D

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  48. King Mary
    King Mary 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Thanks again. I will be purchasing it. Hpe I love it.

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  49. King Mary
    King Mary 26 March, 2016, 19:34

    Hello there. thank you for taking the time out to review, Does the wifi drop often? also does it lag alot when playing games and when too many tabs is open?

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