LGR – Amstrad CPC 464 Computer System Review

LGR – Amstrad CPC 464 Computer System Review

An overview of the history, hardware, and software of the CPC464 from the perspective of a vintage computer collector. How do the pros and cons stack up, what games can you play on it, and is it worth getting a 464 over others like the 6128?

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  1. Peter Müller
    Peter Müller 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    What's the deal with the pizza box next to your chair? xD

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  2. dj ASSASSiN uk
    dj ASSASSiN uk 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    There's a new CPC version of R-Type now that looks amazing for the hardware.

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  3. dj ASSASSiN uk
    dj ASSASSiN uk 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    My first ever computer system was an Amstrad CPC 664 with a green screen moniotor and an external tape deck to go with the built in disk drive.

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  4. All Gaming
    All Gaming 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Winape has a weird bug: Opening the menus will either lower the volume or make it louder. weird

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  5. Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    My parents bought me one when they first came out. All my mates were into commodores, but I liked the look of the CPC 464. I'll never forget walking into the kitchen on my birthday and it was all set up on the kitchen table. I was totally engrossed. Happy days and happy memories 🙂

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  6. Mariano Street
    Mariano Street 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    It's funny that despite being AZERTY, the labels on the sides are not in French, only in English and in bad Spanish (user door instead of user ports).

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  7. Francisco Alves
    Francisco Alves 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Brasil/São Paulo/guanhanaze

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  8. Guerilla Gardener
    Guerilla Gardener 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    I remember all of these machines. I had friends with Commodore's and me and my two brothers had a joint present of the cpc 464. I seem to remember some people used to plug it into a stereo to copy games. You could code your own too.

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  9. Segacarts
    Segacarts 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    You could use these on a tv and didn't require the monitor for power. Amstrsd sold a separate power modulator that powered it and plugged into any tv.

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  10. Robert Curtis
    Robert Curtis 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    I'm from the UK and I have a degree in electronics and while I never had one, my friend had the 464. If you invite me over I'd absolutely love to modify your Amstrad for a composite output! X

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  11. Américio
    Américio 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    the red baron pizza box 😀 not sure why I'm looking at these old videos but hey, prince of persia look pretty decent for what it is

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  12. ARROW16
    ARROW16 26 November, 2021, 07:47
  13. weismeister121
    weismeister121 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Thanks for mentioning the shitty french "AZERTY" key layout…it makes me puke just thinking about it.

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  14. darak2
    darak2 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Interesting fact: the CPC had hardware scrolling capabilities, but those were never documented nor discovered until modern times. It has arguably the best color capabilities of any 8 bits computer, but the hefty graphic modes, memory contemption and lack of a sprites chip made a lot of software run slower compared to its peers.

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  15. Jim Bass
    Jim Bass 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Born on a Speccy, grew up on one of these.

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  16. David Thatcher
    David Thatcher 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    LOL He's a bit of a perv when it comes to computers… @6:10

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  17. Curtis Hillam
    Curtis Hillam 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    I wish I didn't sell my Amstrad 464. My first PC was one of these when i was a kid.

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  18. Sebastian Goyburu
    Sebastian Goyburu 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Why is it french on its face, and spanish on its sides?

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  19. cthrekgoru
    cthrekgoru 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    We had This machine or very similar amstrad in our computer lab when I was 9. In home people mostly had c64 . schools went for amstrads. I don’t know why…

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  20. fattomandeibu
    fattomandeibu 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    I found with these things, the games tended to look better than C64 games(and of course, Spectrum, but you could do better looking than Spectrum with a crayon and flip book) but the sound and gameplay were always sorely lacking compared to Commodore. Of course, it depended the programmer, I've played some godawful C64 ports that were okay on Amstrad, but yeah.

    Keep in mind, this is from my experience at the time. Whether time agrees with me, I dunno.

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  21. Aidan Clarke
    Aidan Clarke 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    I can't even remember how many times I accidentally poured soda on my CPC 6128. Cleaning was a pain but it never failed! Compare that to modern day Apple keyboards.

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  22. Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    My dad had this in the 80s. Though I'm pretty sure he had an RF modulator for it. I must have only been 5 or 6, but I do remember this. I thought it was an Atari computer for years. I remember him going into one of those small cheap computer shops and buying games on cassette for no more than £5. I also remember the insane loading times for the cassettes. We had a winter Olympics game and my mum would take us down to the shops, 1 hour or so, and when we got back the game would be loaded.

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  23. Cats Are Rubbish
    Cats Are Rubbish 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    As someone who had a CPC 464 as a kid, I wouldn't want to use one ever again in my life.

    Don't get me wrong, it was my first computer (or console) and it was better than nothing at the time but any nostalgia is better satiated by watching videos like these.

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  24. Norman M
    Norman M 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Red Baron Pizza 🍕❤️

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  25. Jens Schneider
    Jens Schneider 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    The 664 ran CP/M as well..

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  26. LoftBits
    LoftBits 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    "Reasons for getting one: 1) nostalgia or 2) vintage collector's curiosity"
    Are there any other reasons? I mean, I don't see how sourcing C64s or Macintosh's could increase our bitcoin mining capability 😉
    BTW: The "PSU in the monitor" was a brilliant idea because…you were practically getting the monitor for free (i.e. similar computer w/o monitor would cost the same); the comfort was unmatched, the green monitor allowed to work with CP/M in 80 columns mode without straining your eyes…and without straining your family's nerves by taking over the tv set. Unlike the USA, one tv set per household was pretty much a norm.

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  27. TheYamatoSushi
    TheYamatoSushi 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Red Baron Classic Crust is now part of Game history collection

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  28. Beautiful Angel Blossom
    Beautiful Angel Blossom 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    You tube Reccomed this video i want to mess around with these old micros but i dont got money

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  29. Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    As a French, I remember that in our country, Amstrad was far ahead from other trades in terms of sales, while in UK, Sinclair was ahead if I'm not wrong. As a first computer I had the 6128 when I was 10yo and I remember how hard it was for me to understand all this stuff, but now I miss that computer ^^

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  30. Bandit74100
    Bandit74100 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Azerty keyboard, oof

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  31. Kipper Klank
    Kipper Klank 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    "speaking of the back, it exsists!"

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  32. ChilliJonCarne
    ChilliJonCarne 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    Still have my 664 and my zx

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  33. GameHammer Classic Gaming
    GameHammer Classic Gaming 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    It’s a shame you didn’t know about the MP-1 / MP-2 modulators when you made this video. They replace the need for a monitor by acting as power supply and TV-compatible signal output. They seriously reduce the postage cost for a CPC.

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  34. Grumpy Modeler
    Grumpy Modeler 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    While the C64 was the most popular 8 bit micro here in Norway in the 80's (as far as I know), for some reason the CPC 464 was the most popular in a certain area in northern Norway. Everyone here had one, but I haven't heard or seen of the CPC 464 anywhere else in the country. It's very odd.

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  35. Michael maddin
    Michael maddin 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    You can get a modulater which has an Ariel out put

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  36. Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    What a real educational video looks like!!!

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  37. Johan Koning
    Johan Koning 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    I had a Schneider CPC-464 in the 80's and is DID come with an external power device with antenna connection for a normal TV set, so I didn't need a green or color monitor.

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  38. Axonteer
    Axonteer 26 November, 2021, 07:47

    miss retroware tv

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