LGR – BBC Micro Personal computer Technique Evaluation

LGR – BBC Micro Personal computer Technique Evaluation

The BBC Microcomputer was Acorn’s abide by-up to the Atom, and launched in 1981. Mostly due to its BBC backing, the pc was rather successful in the United kingdom, specifically between faculties and companies. But is it even now really worth owning to a present-day collector of vintage desktops?

This is an overview of the historical past, hardware, and software program of the Beeb from the perspective of an American collector. How do the execs and disadvantages stack up, and is it really worth receiving a Beeb above its cut-down sibling, the Electron?

Lots of many thanks to Mark from the United kingdom for the BBC Product B!

Also a big many thanks to ImperialProductions for the Acornsoft software program!

For plenty of terrific facts on the Beeb, look at out Stairway To Hell:

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