LH LHB745 Home Theater System Review

LH LHB745 Home Theater System Review

A 3D Blu-ray player, smart features and a full 5.1-channel system for less than £400 – surely there’s a catch?
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  1. The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man 25 November, 2021, 15:00

    Does it does a good job as as an AMP, I want to get one and connect Dolby AC3 Laserdisc ( yes I have a demodulator ).

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  2. S C
    S C 25 November, 2021, 15:00

    r u kidding me that everone knew we were hear for music quality demo.

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  3. Richard Boodell
    Richard Boodell 25 November, 2021, 15:00

    Madant can't see how to reply to your message on the iphone. Anyway… 5.1 is not for radio, this should be 2.1 stereo (this for all audio actually) the preset to which you refer are false 5.1 settings. They only expand your audio.

    I now have answers though, some from lg. drop my a message I'm in gmail. Rjboodell1 is the address!

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  4. Richard Boodell
    Richard Boodell 25 November, 2021, 15:00

    Steve, I picked up one of these last week and have been enjoying it immensely. However, I have had an horrific experience of late with lg with regard to my 49ub850v TV and seems to have found a few issues with this player… I think!

    Could you confirm if you experienced any issues with 3D playback and the need to add 200ms delay to lip sync audio… Then remove the delay for all 2d content and other sources (ARC, optical etc)?

    Also, my television is not passing 5.1 sound through to the system. Freeview, Netflix and movies from my NAS are 2.1 only until select "speaker effect" – which I expect to be "processed into 5.1"?

    Many thanks,


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  5. Mad Ant
    Mad Ant 25 November, 2021, 15:00

    I just bought a similar model, LG LHA825 (1200 W). Almost the same but with short speakers. I must say that the system is really great, speakers look cool, the menus are simple, slick looking and responsive. It lets you listen to any source through all speakers, unlike some systems in this price range. Actually, I couldn't find anything similar for this price, the competition has systems for a little less but without Wi-Fi, or almost double the price for the same thing but with less power. The sound is really good for this level, sound is clear and strong enough, but you need to fiddle a little with EQ to boost the default bass setting which is set to mild. Overall I concur, a great all-in-one system for a reasonable price!

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