Make the Most of Your Space – Home Theater

Make the Most of Your Space – Home Theater

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Make the Most of Your Space is a new online video series that showcases real people in real apartments across the country. We are looking for apartment renters that have found smart and interesting ways to make the most of their space. We want to know who you are and why you came up with your design idea. Maybe you want to show off a clever use of a long wall or an ottoman that is a guest bed incognito. Whatever it is, we want to see it! The best part is that you can do this on your own time. Using a smart phone or a flip camera and a friend with steady hands, shoot a short video of you demonstrating and sharing your design tip. Your video doesn’t have to be crazy good production quality. We are more concerned about you capturing how you live in your apartment. It should feel a little like a documentary with an emphasis on your design tip and of course your unique personality.

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