Monitor blinking power button repair

Monitor blinking power button repair

This is usually the problem and solution

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  1. Shamsher Shaikh
    Shamsher Shaikh 1 March, 2022, 23:41
  2. Eddie Moises
    Eddie Moises 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    All was good untill He said RadioShack… Guess im waiting another week for delivery.

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  3. Gordesky Mco
    Gordesky Mco 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    just got done replacing 2 caps on my le 1936. blinking blue light…. So i took it apart a few hours ago and yep 2 bulge caps a 10v 1000uf and a 35v 470uf. Had couple boards around and found one cap thats 35v 470uf even tho it was a much bigger cap size wise so i pop that on. I didn't have any 10v 1000uf so i ony can find a 16v 680uf so i gave that a try and pop it back together and bang monitor came alive:) This monitor was in the trash even tho it still worked perfect till a surge did something to it 2 years ago so it sat. This is mostly for my cousin which yea his monitor cracked lastnight … So testing this on my pc as a 2nd monitor for now too see how it holds up cause im not 100% sure if that 16v 680uf will hold out over time….

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  4. indie soul
    indie soul 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    I have a benq but the caps are fine but the monitor wont turn on after i plug the power cable but if i keep on plug and unplug many time the monitor turns on but if i unplug it again or a blackout the monitor wont turn on again then i do the unplug and plug method again to turn it on

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  5. Sagan Android
    Sagan Android 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Model # in Title please.

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  6. Ethan Ware
    Ethan Ware 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    What is the black thing beside the screw when you open it up ? I don’t think I can take the actual Monitor out without taking those out

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  7. BlackZero Rs
    BlackZero Rs 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    I found Banq monitor in the trash on the street, i bring it to my home and change 5 capacitors with $3 cost! 😀 its Working…

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  8. Adam Richards
    Adam Richards 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    RIP Radioshack. 6:13

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  9. ManilaChillRide
    ManilaChillRide 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Its work perfectly thanks for this bro =)

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  10. Bill Baerg
    Bill Baerg 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Thank yo very much ! ! ! Very well done. St

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  11. Lilmisscostumedrama
    Lilmisscostumedrama 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Thank you for uploading this, I managed to follow this and fix my broken HP! 👍👍

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    ANDREAS ANTONIADES 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    VERY useful,thanks

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  13. Don Stanley
    Don Stanley 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    I had the same problem with our ProView Monitor! This video was very helpful on the disassembly, and repair. Also found replacement capacitors on Amazon. Thanks for posting this video!

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  14. Terry's Wired Life
    Terry's Wired Life 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Thanks for the video. I had the same problem on a 19 inch Dell. Replaced the capacitors and it worked.

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  15. dakwanderer
    dakwanderer 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    son: dad cant we just buy a new one?

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  16. Rapid Rabbit
    Rapid Rabbit 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    The cabinet is very difficult to open and the plastic menu buttons on the side often fall away. Start by
    placing a strip of blue tape over the menu buttons on the outside of the cabinet to keep them in place while the front is detached.

    The 3 screws along the cabinet bottom are redundant because there are plastic snaps holding the cabinet together on all 4 sides. After removing screws, pry the cabinet open starting below the power button with a small pen knife and then retain the space using a Q-Tip stick or ice cream stick. Using a wide-blade screwdriver, use a twisting motion as you move along the joint to continue opening while retaining the open space with the stick as you go. As each cabinet snap is pulled open, you will hear a loud snapping sound. Sometimes the snaps break away. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not build equipment to be serviced and it's next impossible to find schematic diagrams or part lists. Their only intent is to get the product out the door.

    The screen attaches to various circuit boards with several connectors. The trick to getting the connectors apart is to use a small eyeglass screwdriver. Place the screwdriver at the center of the connector under the locking tab with the screwdriver pointing away from the joint between connectors. Once the screwdriver is inserted under the tab, it unlocks. Continue pushing on the screwdriver and the plug will separate from the jack. There is one large connector that has no locking tab and you can't grasp the body of the plug. With this particular one, gently pull on the bundle of wires to unplug. Never use pliers! You must open the locking tab before connector will open.

    It is highly recommended you place each set of screws into a plastic bag with a small note describing there location and which disassembly step you were on. If not, you will have a pile of screws and have difficulty figuring out where they go during reassembly. Electrolytic capacitors have a finite life span so replace all capacitors on both the power & video boards so all capacitors will be the same age and remaining life.

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  17. Tech101
    Tech101 1 March, 2022, 23:41
  18. Mohamed Yassine SAMADI
    Mohamed Yassine SAMADI 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    thanks dude .. you made my day .. i just fix my 4 years old Acer monitor in just 20 mins !!!

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  19. Joe G
    Joe G 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    my problum is the screen flickers really bad i only had it for 3 months its a hp 27inch do i need to replace the caps ?

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  20. Andreino Audiofavole
    Andreino Audiofavole 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    many thanks

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  21. Giannis Dimas
    Giannis Dimas 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    nice my friend.. if the problem is not the capacitors, they are not seem faulty, does anyone know what other problem may be?

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  22. Boki
    Boki 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    my monitor is blinking whole time not Button what to do?

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  23. Kostas Markopoulos
    Kostas Markopoulos 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Good work, thanks for sharing you'r knowledge!!

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  24. Dr1MaR
    Dr1MaR 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    well fuck me…. not gonna waste so much time and effort to fix my old ass 5 year monitor. it s not even guaranteed it s gonna work anyway. RIP monitor. Good tutorial tho

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  25. Wee Ching Chok
    Wee Ching Chok 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    I already replaced the broken capacitor but not still not working.  the power button blink once and nothing happen.
    PS: i replace those broken capacitor with my unused board capacitor.

    470uF 25v 105C  << replaced with same model 
    220uF 25v 105C  << i can't find a same capacitor and i replace with 220uF 25v 85C

    is it ok ?

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  26. Dwayne McGleese
    Dwayne McGleese 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Say guys..  I noticed that some of you mentioned about a higher CAP size.. Can you explain in detail about that?  Also, can you recommend a good store on Ebay that supply those Caps!!  Thank you.

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  27. Dwayne McGleese
    Dwayne McGleese 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Thank you SOOOOOO VERY MUCH for the video!!  I have two monitors that are down and don't want to spend the money to buy another one!  BTW…. The look on your sons face was just TOOO HILARIOUS!!!  Thanks again!!

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  28. LearningZone
    LearningZone 1 March, 2022, 23:41

    Great video! You replaced Electros as per expectation and you did not kill my expectations! Regards,

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