My Keyboard Does Not Do the job – Take care of It Very easily

My Keyboard Does Not Do the job – Take care of It Very easily

Worn out of wondering why your keyboard does not operate? Nicely you have occur to the proper position. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to take care of keyboard troubles very easily. Simply just go to the web-site:


Down load the software package, run a scan, and you will be nicely on your way!

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  1. Victoria Nadal
    Victoria Nadal 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    This is stupid.if I can't type,how can I go to this website????i'll need to type!!!!!!

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  2. edits ✨
    edits ✨ 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    My laptop keyboard hasn't been working. The keys that don't work are 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,0, and all the arrow keys. i have a HP laptop. It's Windows 10

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  3. Keegan LaJeunesse
    Keegan LaJeunesse 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    My keyboard does not work at all and i cant get on screen keyboard to work

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  4. Raya Raya
    Raya Raya 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    how can i www if my keyboard nor mouse internal and usb miuse aint working.?

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  5. Kuku
    Kuku 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Soe of y keys dot work SO HOW DO I TYE I wish I ould selete det delete lol took soe ayty tries hel

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  6. 00myfrankie
    00myfrankie 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Helps when I can't type

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  7. TheBritishChild
    TheBritishChild 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    I turned off my computer and then turned it back on… But the problem comes when I try to type my password… My keyboard won't type.

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  8. TheRandomComment Guy
    TheRandomComment Guy 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Tnx man really helped :)

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  9. Jose Quevedo
    Jose Quevedo 22 July, 2016, 09:30


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  10. Shylle Gaming
    Shylle Gaming 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Hi my PC keyboard is not working plsss help me……

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  11. Glenn Perreira
    Glenn Perreira 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    can't get logged in to use on screen keys

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  12. Glenn Perreira
    Glenn Perreira 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    I can't type either

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  13. Maria Alice Pinto da Costa
    Maria Alice Pinto da Costa 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Traduzir para portugues

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  14. Maria Alice Pinto da Costa
    Maria Alice Pinto da Costa 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Em ingles e eu nao domino esta lingua

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  15. Maria Alice Pinto da Costa
    Maria Alice Pinto da Costa 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Esta tudo escrito e falado em

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  16. Larry Ivie
    Larry Ivie 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    my wireless keyboard worked and the fucker didn't work the next day Thanks

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  17. heippa Moro
    heippa Moro 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    i cant press z

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  18. The Gibus
    The Gibus 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    > Potato plugged

    >Potato won't work

    >Installed the drivers

    >Potato is now working !

    11/10 would fix my potato again.

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  19. Caleb Joseph
    Caleb Joseph 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    You typed how can I go to your web I can't even type

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  20. Holistic Harvest
    Holistic Harvest 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    when I type in that website I dont see the same screen on the video above

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  21. Mr. CreepyBear
    Mr. CreepyBear 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    I was going on ROBLOX after Playing epic minigame. There something wrong with my "w" keyboard. But, it's doesn't not worked for my laptop. and.. I just stop to play ROBLOX anymore. :(

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  22. tmilwy
    tmilwy 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    All my keys on my lighted Saitek Eclipse 2 keyboard work great except the numbers 1-4 above the QWER letters….any suggestions? My drivers are all up to date as well. Thanks in advance.

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  23. Jess Davies
    Jess Davies 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Lol he typed… If I could type I wouldn't be watching this video!!!

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  24. Realmasterorder
    Realmasterorder 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    If Keyboard wont work at all then yea it should be the driver but it it does not work on Ytube like mine does, i dont think its driver this happens only on Ytube Easy solution minimize window and then maximize it again and then You will be able to write again

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  25. Aben R.
    Aben R. 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    hey! shadowking701 what the fuck is wrong with your ass you fuckin asshole ok,maybe he fixed his laptop already.reply back you bitch

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  26. Aben R.
    Aben R. 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    well maybe he fixed his laptop before posting the video

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  27. Joel Yardley
    Joel Yardley 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    mine dosent even say keyboards help

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  28. Ethan Buss
    Ethan Buss 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    + MyBuddySam How about using  the  on-screen keyboard jeez

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  29. Ron Johnston
    Ron Johnston 22 July, 2016, 09:30
  30. Teen Suicide
    Teen Suicide 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Aaand vallah.

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  31. jean-michel HERBERT
    jean-michel HERBERT 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    bone hea.. no touch pa!!!!

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  32. MC Rainbow
    MC Rainbow 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    I am not using a keyboard I am using a keyboard app

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  33. Jakob Wilson
    Jakob Wilson 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    To the people commenting about "how are you typing if your keyboard doesn't work"…-_-…this is the new age….multiple devices…

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  34. micah gonzales
    micah gonzales 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    To everyone who is saying they can't type it because their keyboard won't work….use a on screen keyboard or plug one up with a usb

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  35. Tiff Jimber
    Tiff Jimber 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Dig your videos, let me know if have any critiques on mine. I love feed back.



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  36. TheZedShadowS TM
    TheZedShadowS TM 22 July, 2016, 09:30
  37. Andrew Mathew
    Andrew Mathew 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Plus the links in the description

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  38. The Hentai Goddess
    The Hentai Goddess 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    I searched this then punched my laptop, then it worked lol xD

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  39. Oussama four
    Oussama four 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Whene i want to press f8 for the list i cant its notworking but after lunching win7 its working fine

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  40. masterfulcreator Playz MC
    masterfulcreator Playz MC 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Hay my computer keyboard is fine it is my computer but i can log on to my computer because my pc will not register anything but my space key and caps lock key please help!

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  41. Raj Sinna
    Raj Sinna 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    Look for Keyboard on desktop screen. Use this to type the password to get in.

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  42. PCnAndroid_TUTORIALS and Games
    PCnAndroid_TUTORIALS and Games 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    i have wireles keybord and before windows start up my keybord doesnt work exept F1,F2,F3………………..F11,F12

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  43. Jorex Calamba
    Jorex Calamba 22 July, 2016, 09:30

    My Keyboard won't work i'm using CD-R king you've never heard of that brand i think :/

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