New Kitchen Appliances Reveal!

New Kitchen Appliances Reveal!


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  1. Tom Wheat-Moles
    Tom Wheat-Moles 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Ohh i didnt realise this was a new house, i thought it was same house just new kitchen so i got confused when i saw you was still using old beko dishwasher

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  2. Adam kopik
    Adam kopik 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Is very very nice kitchen🤩😍🤩😍

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    ALİHAN BİRDAL 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Beko 😍😍

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  4. -beko boyy- ✨
    -beko boyy- ✨ 10 May, 2022, 12:03


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  5. TheLaunderetteExplorer_UK
    TheLaunderetteExplorer_UK 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Professional 👍

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  6. Giuseppe
    Giuseppe 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Oh my God… What a beautiful kitchen! Congrats 😊

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  7. Washerboy7
    Washerboy7 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Who can t love this amazing kitchen? God job,and i love The diswasher!

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  8. Ignatious Mary
    Ignatious Mary 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Nice kitchen😊👍

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  9. Max Pezzali
    Max Pezzali 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    BEogradska KOnfekcija opet…

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  10. телефоны и стирка
    телефоны и стирка 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Did you still have beko wmb?

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  11. Pedro Sancho
    Pedro Sancho 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    And are there more cheaper alternatives apart from Beko? I think Vestel

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  12. Mr Brown Jack
    Mr Brown Jack 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    They do look very nice! 🙂

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  13. Ginger The  ?
    Ginger The ? 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    No, I prefer Pitsos , Siemens , Bosch because beko made in Turkey and it's not good , but BSH it's better because made in Germany/Poland

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  14. john wayne
    john wayne 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    in Turkey we dont even care that much about beko

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  15. Freelancer919
    Freelancer919 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Man, when I imagine I equipped my kitchen with everything Siemens…. If I'd have decided for Beko, I'd probably get the same, (maybe even better) quality for lower price 🙂 Especially the microwave owen looks amazing! And also the drawers in the fridge have some sort of soft glide 🙂

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  16. Lavamat 18
    Lavamat 18 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    I forgot something to say :)) This frigde will gonna will Work YEARS WITHOUT FAILURE and how do i know??
    Well, I have a beko frigde which on January 2 will pass 2 years without ANY Service and Failure( my model is MCNA365E20DXB 🥰)

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  17. WashTime
    WashTime 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    My kitchen is a mix of brands but yours is way more better than mine like 10102992838382X better😍

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  18. Alex lol
    Alex lol 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Looks really nice!

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  19. Bosch whirlpool lad 1996
    Bosch whirlpool lad 1996 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Was this the house we’re that old couple lived with that beko

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  20. mark fontaine
    mark fontaine 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    That’s sick 👌looks amazing stuff

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  21. TelefonyLG #saveukraine
    TelefonyLG #saveukraine 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    I have a idea for a experiment on the AEG/Electrolux: Put the drawer in the drum on spin cycle.

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  22. Ivan Kirola
    Ivan Kirola 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    samo još beko pribor za jelo i to je to 😀

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  23. Motherboard_686
    Motherboard_686 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Simply amazing kitchen! And finally I get to see that microwave 😍🤣

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  24. LaundryLad1400
    LaundryLad1400 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Love it 😍

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  25. Milica Zdravkovic
    Milica Zdravkovic 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Looks amazing! 😍😍

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  26. Genius SL
    Genius SL 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    They look fantastic, really like it, even tho I'm no big fan of touch-buttons in general. I hope they serve you well and are reliable! 👍

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  27. IndesitLover2005
    IndesitLover2005 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    GodDay b is the best ambassador of Beko! Great kitchen 😍

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  28. Fizz
    Fizz 10 May, 2022, 12:03

    Ngl, your family are so edicted to beko, but it looks great. Totally would have a kitchen like that.

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