Old computers did it better!

Old computers did it better!

The computer industry has changed drastically over the last 3 decades, but there are some things we’ve lost along the way.

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  1. szt1980
    szt1980 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Old computers were simply atrocious. One may fall for nostalgia, but the deficiencies of old slow chips and buggy cumbersome software pop up here and there.

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  2. Darius Duplechan
    Darius Duplechan 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    I don't give a shit

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  3. Edward Edwards
    Edward Edwards 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Orwell tech has replaced real computing. We need 80s amish now.

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  4. Ethan Attridge
    Ethan Attridge 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    less useless bloat, and distracting notifications as well

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  5. Ovidiu Turcu
    Ovidiu Turcu 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    everything old was better built.. because it was built to last..

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  6. Lian Robin Tribunal
    Lian Robin Tribunal 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    he just used spam

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  7. DavidBanan
    DavidBanan 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    hell even when software wanted to install that was quite quick, and of course even then, most games could still play with out installing

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  8. Денис Бородин
    Денис Бородин 11 January, 2022, 19:36


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  9. WindowsG Electronics
    WindowsG Electronics 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    this video, this one here.. this is what got me interested in old computers

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  10. Yamato Damashii
    Yamato Damashii 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    70’s car manual: adjusting dwell, timing and spark plug gap.

    2021 car manual: do not consume contents of battery.

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  11. Claudio H. Picolo
    Claudio H. Picolo 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Its all true.
    No contest.

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  12. Andrew Alme
    Andrew Alme 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Section-based Games like Platoon and Last Ninja were never released on floppy disc, and the "load error" messages were extremely nerve-wrecking. But I guess the new fullsize C64 from RetroGames resolves all those issues with the obligatory USB stick.

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  13. kazo
    kazo 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    3:26 "try running scandisk and defrag and if that doesn't work you should call us back"
    i got recommended this again after the tales from tech support video and i got this reference immediately

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  14. Beth J
    Beth J 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Why can't we still have all that old shit? The new sucks.

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  15. Miksi0784
    Miksi0784 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    blames Microsoft Office for fire uhhhh yeah who let this guy even work there lmao

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  16. Bobby Clay
    Bobby Clay 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    I've built all my computers since 2006.
    My last one was a 6 core i7 clocked at 4ghz with 16 GB DDR4. Plus an ROG video card. I played FFXIV at 60 fps. A totally amazing game at every level. My first computers was a Coco 2.
    I don't miss the old.

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  17. D I
    D I 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    My new computer does something that my old computer never did. Whenever I resume from hibernation; on my brand new 32 inch flat screen, it boots me into a blinking light and black screen and then I have to unplug and plug all the cables and reboot my machine.😁

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  18. zach duncan
    zach duncan 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Ah yes, this just… showed up on my recommended page in 2021,

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  19. Bhirawa Maylana
    Bhirawa Maylana 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    This video age so well and it's not even funny 😒 as our e-waste situation now more dire than back then.

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  20. Chad
    Chad 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    My last one couldn't play games at a high enough FPS in 5120x1440p, while my new one can.

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  21. unlokia
    unlokia 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    What’s the end credit music please? Thank you 😊

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  22. Kevin Broderick
    Kevin Broderick 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    You've come a long way, baby.

    (Smoke Virginia Slims)

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  23. Nguyên Minh Hồ
    Nguyên Minh Hồ 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    5:45 uhh ultra setting in games? Duh

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  24. Allie
    Allie 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    5:40 david my old computer was literally the same age as me

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  25. Elias X
    Elias X 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    User: My computer is on fire.
    Support: Turn your computer off and call fire department.
    User: I see, but how can I make backup ?

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  26. srksii
    srksii 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    Man, my Amiga with 2MB of ram had better and smoother user experience than my current six core 16 GB ram windows 10 machine!

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  27. MarioStar13
    MarioStar13 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    2:31 – You mean Line 1?! It can't be both 15 and 30 at the same time! That's a mathematical impossibility!

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  28. Douglas Freeman
    Douglas Freeman 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    I had a ZX Speccy 48k as a teen. Looking back I have no illusions. It was crap! Most games were crap and overpriced (just like today!) I have a PS4 now which is an improvement on the Speccy, but it will look shite in 35 years. I like the way technology improves. I am 52 and Iam no Luddite.

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  29. Alex Kubrat
    Alex Kubrat 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    It is funny that old computer we're advancing fast, now the only advancement people can do is a random app that even doesn't work properly.

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  30. ツ Mᴜʜᴀᴍᴍᴇᴅ Jᴀᴠᴇᴅ ༒
    ツ Mᴜʜᴀᴍᴍᴇᴅ Jᴀᴠᴇᴅ ༒ 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    New computers better !!

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  31. LodanSD
    LodanSD 11 January, 2022, 19:36

    I now get SMS Text messages saying I've won Airpods or my Wells Fargo account has been closed. Or I get Phone Calls saying my Warranty is about to expire.

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