Polk Signature Elite 5.1 Home Theater Set Review

Polk Signature Elite 5.1 Home Theater Set Review

Polk Signature Elite 5.1 channel Home Theater Set
Polk ES35 Center (love it)
Polk ES15
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Around $100 (These prices will fluctuate between $75 – $150)
Sony SSCS5 – Lively
Pioneer AJ First Gen – Laid Back
Neumi BS5 -Neutral

Around $200
Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ – Crystal Clear and Punchy
Elac Debut b5.2 – Neutral
Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 (In and Out of Stock) – Laid Back/Bassy/Detailed
JBL Stage A130 – Neutral/Great All Arounder at $179 the best value

Around $400
Klipsch RP600M – Neutral (This speaker’s price can fluctuate between $440-630 which is really dumb)
Jamo C93ii Bit – Boosted on Top (Can also be found cheaper at Crutchfield)
Q Acoustics 3030i – Neutral with Punch –

Around $500
SVS Prime
Wharfedale Diamond 12.2

Around $600
Elac Uni-Fi UB5.2 – Neutral
Elac Debut Reference – Buttery but Detailed
Polk Reserve R100 – Neutral
Aperion Novus – Neutral and probably the best desktop speaker one can get $599
Aperion Novus Open Box $449
Wharfedale Diamonds Lush and Detailed Come as singles

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Under $100
Aiyima A07 – Neutral and Full

Around $130
SMSL AD18 – DAC/Amp Lively on top but solid tone controls
SMSL SA300 $140

Around $250
SMSL DA-9 Balanced Amp

Around $400
Emotiva TA-100 – DAC, Phono Stage, Pre Outs – Balanced and Tasty
Vista Audio Spark

Recommended DACs

FX D01
Denafrips Ares 2


Emotiva SE8
Emotiva SE12
SVS SB1000 Pro

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  1. cheapaudioman
    cheapaudioman 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Polk Signature Elite 5.1 channel Home Theater Set https://bit.ly/39rzZHz
    –Polk ES35 Center (love it) https://howl.me/cg04YEEnD3n
    —-Polk ES15 https://howl.me/cfQUYYdPwYe
    ——Tidal Deal https://bit.ly/3siuqSF
    ——Crutchfield https://shop-links.co/cguPK8XEGmt
    —-Best Buy Deals https://shop-links.co/cf9yDZeYtUH
    —CAM Store (New Products!) https://bit.ly/30Lgu4K
    —–Amazon Unlimited Music and Disney Plus Free Trial https://amzn.to/3DRAVj9

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  2. matt mastrandrea
    matt mastrandrea 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I have the ES55s and ES30. Crossed over at 80hz, they sound great!

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  3. Colin Youngblood
    Colin Youngblood 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I have the Polk Audio RT 5 for height speakers and they work well with my niles amp on my 11.2 denon 4311ci system.

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  4. zoroluva
    zoroluva 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I'm running S20 and S35 mains. S10 rears and RC60i in the ceiling. Got a HTS12 to handle the bass duties. System works like a charm.

    On the S35 I find the bass to be super sloppy so I cross them at 100Hz… Cleans up everything. S20s are beasts S10s can legit be used as fronts in a small room. Overall great system.

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  5. Sami Debs
    Sami Debs 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    My entire home theater 7.2.4 the Polk LSIM series I love it!

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  6. Michael Schäfer
    Michael Schäfer 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    My big home system contains S50E, S35E, S15E and a HTS10 … I remind a review that stated that the Signature E(uropean) models are not only optical ( same black cones ) pretty similar to the Elites … and all that you say sounds like that too.

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  7. AMoliski
    AMoliski 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Thanks! – I've been been going in circles for years- spending days, adding speakers to my cart, checking reviews, removing from cart, giving up and waiting for a few months, then repeating the cycle. I'm upgrading from a $200 soundbar, I'm sure even the cheapest speakers would be an improvement, but everything I looked at was enough of an investment to lock me into analysis paralysis.

    Your review finally got me to drop the bundle into my cart and click 'check out' – so thanks for ending my misery. Now I get to look forward to a real home theater setup!

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  8. The Swole Dad PITBULL
    The Swole Dad PITBULL 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    How about the Yamo concert series compared?

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  9. The Swole Dad PITBULL
    The Swole Dad PITBULL 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    The 12 in version of that sub is actually way better

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  10. Frank Thole
    Frank Thole 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I find, that the ES 35 Center sounds CLEAR, but it sounds like a TIN CAN!
    For Music and for cinema.
    I tested it at the same time with the the Canton gle center, the Audio Monitor Bronce Center, the Heco AuroraCenter ,and the Magnat Signature 5 Center.
    They All Sound warmer, More lively and, Not like a Tincan.
    The polk es 35 is very clean, dont get me wrong, but it sounds metal-ish…and becomes fatiguing very fast.
    couldnt find better words, probably bc im a German.
    If you want a more natural Sound, get the Magnat Signature 53 Center.

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  11. Hugo Hernandez
    Hugo Hernandez 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    How do these sound compared to some OLDER polks, let's say monitor 60 or 70 towers

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  12. Chris Wilhelm
    Chris Wilhelm 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Where do the RTi series fit in with the new Polk line up? I have a newly built theater room built around the RTi line and now have a little bit of regret I didn’t go with the Reserves despite a lack of dipole speakers in the line up.

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  13. Glen Gatt
    Glen Gatt 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Sometimes I wonder where that kind of base comes from with such small woffers I have something similar of those towers

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  14. Kenneth
    Kenneth 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I owned the S35 for a brief while. Found it to be extremely hollow and not up to the job. Is this new slim line center better?

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  15. Sanandan Kinkar
    Sanandan Kinkar 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I run a ES15 LR, SS, RS and ES30 centre, really love em, though I do find my AVR (Denon X 1600) lacks the power to really wake them up. Would it be wise to run a all ES 60 tower home theatre setup? To get true full range or atleast close for all channels. Would like to know what you think, would like to see a video about it too, if you could cover this topic, haven't see others cover it. Cheers. Good video.

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  16. Seth Bishop
    Seth Bishop 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Yoooo, Coke Zero is dope. I can’t stand drinking soda out of mugs, has to be glass.

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  17. Gary Gibson
    Gary Gibson 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Any comment or concern with off-axis listening using that center? All sorts of chatter about “MTM” style speakers (or in this case “MMMTMMM”) causing problems.

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  18. Maalario
    Maalario 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Can you review the JBL 570/580/590 towers

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  19. shaolin95
    shaolin95 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    You love the multiple drivers? Seriously???…that center speaker…what a disaster..the clueless marketing design of hey…more drivers look cooler…so lets put a lot of them…lobing issues be damned!

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  20. Fred Cooks With Wood
    Fred Cooks With Wood 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    What reciever do you recommend for this speaker setup for home theater. I'm not familiar with the DRAC calibration you mentioned.

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  21. Javace
    Javace 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I used to have Polk S50 towers which did have good bass. Once I heard the difference in detail and clarity vs Elac B62, I sold the polks.

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  22. TheTrueVoiceOfReason
    TheTrueVoiceOfReason 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Gettin' all up in your magnetic grilles…

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  23. Ryan Schipp
    Ryan Schipp 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I cant say it any other way. The Polk sub is trash for $400. 100 watts rms and cheap parts. Spend $49 more and get the RSL Speedwoofer 10S mkii that has a 400 watt RMS 1020 watt peak amp. 10" aluminum driver with cast basket. 40lbs. Actually plays down to 20hz! It's been measured by Audioholics and others. Randy, you really should review one. Your viewers will thank you! As of now they are on backorder but more are coming in. Free shipping, 30 day trial.

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  24. GA PB
    GA PB 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I have a couple of question for all of you sound lovers. If I have a pair of good active speakers, would an external dac/am would mess with the speakers, should I get just a DAC no amp? What do you recomend to improve sound if I have active speaker but no dac? I listened CDs and some wav files on my computer.

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  25. Michael McAnulty
    Michael McAnulty 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    unfortunately On my 2nd system, I have the T15.

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  26. Ryan Schipp
    Ryan Schipp 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Better off getting the JBL Studio series speakers that are on crazy discount. The tweeter and bass drivers will out perform this Polks. You can start with the 580's. $600 for the pair.

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  27. Mark Homiak
    Mark Homiak 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    The 10s are designed to be used as surrounds.

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  28. Josey Neighbors
    Josey Neighbors 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I do like the pioneer speakers

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  29. Jim Swenson
    Jim Swenson 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Great review, I've got a complete RTI system in my basement short of a sub, and like you I feel like they do great with movies. But with music they lack in some areas. Keep up the hard work and honest reviews, the channel is awesome.

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  30. ocularis73
    ocularis73 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    According to Polk's site, the surround bookshelf included with that package is the ES10, not the ES15.

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  31. Glenn RH
    Glenn RH 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I have the polk psw1118'' subwoofer for my bedroom desktop/pc audio. I think it sounds good but I really don't have alot to compare it to.

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  32. Minsley Skidoo
    Minsley Skidoo 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Is that your rainbow mug for pride month? Didn't know you were so inclusive. Lolz.

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  33. Moclarko Agogo
    Moclarko Agogo 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Loving my Polk ES20s in my secondary system with an almost unnecessary 10 inch sub. Powered with a yard sale purchased Onkyo 150 watt 510 amp and Onkyo 310 preamp. Keep up the great work Randy.

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  34. Josey Neighbors
    Josey Neighbors 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Pyle is good my dad has one and uses older speakers for it

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  35. Stephen Stevens
    Stephen Stevens 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Another great, honest review! As always, your honesty is refreshing. Honest without being dismissive! You are a gem!

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  36. Jim Gardner
    Jim Gardner 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I wish "InexpensiveAudioMan" was as easy to say. "Cheap" can have a negative connotation. But I get where you're coming from. 🙂

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  37. Todd Walker
    Todd Walker 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    Hardest working man on YouTube….on a Sunday no less!

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  38. Kent Langston
    Kent Langston 23 June, 2022, 14:58
  39. C P
    C P 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    I have their old s55s towers bi-amped, they absolutely sing. Give them power and they will sound great. ELAC Debut 10 on the bass.

    Do I want the L600s, oh yes, IF I COULD FIND A PLACE TO LISTEN to them, I will buy if I like… But I digress, what I have now sounds great.

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  40. Barry Keegan
    Barry Keegan 23 June, 2022, 14:58
  41. Daniel Private
    Daniel Private 23 June, 2022, 14:58

    FYI: On that subwoofer, the low pass filter knob is inoperable when using the LFE input. The Low Pass Filter is only for when you are using the summed L/R channels for your signal.

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