Preloved Appliances – Sales, Repairs, Rentals & Service

Preloved Appliances – Sales, Repairs, Rentals & Service

Preloved Appliances offer customers top quality, guaranteed reconditioned appliances. We sell, repair, rent and supply parts for all the leading brands of Kitchen Appliances..

Reasons to Consider Reconditioned Appliances

Why pay full price for new appliances when you can buy major brand reconditioned ones — complete with warranty and delivery — for a fraction of the cost of new appliances?

• Value: When purchasing a refurbished appliance you tend to get more features for your money. Also, many refurbished items have been inspected and repaired and they are generally in comparable form as the brand new items.
• Awareness: Many people don’t hesitate to purchase used cars — why hesitate when it comes to appliances? Help us spread the word about the benefits of used appliances!
• Environment: Because of their size, large appliances take up valuable space in Ireland’s landfills. Refurbished appliances are used in homes therefore reducing the strain on landfills.
• Jobs & the Economy: While all appliances sold in the Ireland are assembled elsewhere, refurbished appliances are serviced and sold locally creating jobs and injecting capital in local markets.

We deal in all the major brands including:

We are a leading supplier of major brand reconditioned refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers.

Our showrooms in Briarhill Business Park carry a huge selection of quality used kitchen appliances.

Testing & Guarantee

All appliances are inspected for excessive wear and tear, broken or damaged parts. Appliances that don’t meet our rigorous standards are processed and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Qualified technicians examine all major parts. Worn parts are replaced and appliances are tested to ensure they are fully operational and function safely under proper conditions. Appliances are professional cleaned and retouched or repainted.

All our appliances come with a generous guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Delivery & Collection

We deliver to your home from €15 and fit the appliance if required. We can also take your old appliance away for disposal.

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